Ultimate 5 Tips for Eating on the Go

September 29, 2015

Ultimate 5 Tips for Eating on the Go


I have been a road warrior for about 7 years now. That includes putting about 100,000 miles on my truck every 18 months, flying every other week, and competing all over the world. I love food, but if I eat what I want all the time I’ll be a disgusting slob. That will quickly roll into:


I am not as strong


I don’t throw as far


I’m unhappy


My wife starts hating me because I am miserable


I become bad at my job, get fired


Lose my home


My dogs run away


…And finally I am sleeping on the street in a box.


So unless that is the plan you want, I suggest you take some advice on how to stay right while traveling. I am rolling big time on a High Protein/High Fat Ketosis plan right now. This is how I do it.


1. Quick and Dirty at Subway. This is my least favorite thing to eat, however it has probably saved me from driving hundreds of cheeseburgers into my gut. Go with the spinach salad. Add double meat buffalo chicken, whatever other veggies you want and a bit of ranch. Boom you’re safe for a couple of hours.


2. Coffee Power BOMB! You should always have protein with you on the road. Not bringing your Modern PROTEIN with you is a Busch League move. I keep some chocolate ready in a shaker when I leave the house, along with a little MCT oil. Stop and get a coffee. If you can get good coffee, that’s awesome. If not gas station garbage will work, you are dumping protein in it anyway. Mix it together and consume.


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PRO-TIP: let coffee sit and cool for a second before you dump it in. If the coffee is too hot it will burn the protein and get all mealy. This is no fun for anyone, and it will taste like some type of shitty chocolate sand. Remember to open soon as your done shaking. Hot stuff with steam builds pressure. Don’t be a dummy with coffee all over your shirt.


3. Steaks, Steaks, Steaks, ( to the tune of “SHOTS”). If you are traveling, almost any restaurant from Waffle House to the big time has steak. Eat it. One thing I have learned about being on the road is not every meal is going to be great. Some are just going to be fuel. So if you need to get down for 20 min, and pound 2 waffle house T-bones then you do it. Also throw some eggs on top or between and make it a badass steak and egg sandwich Ron Swanson would be proud of.


4. Just Wing It. These are a mess in the truck, if you’re a moron. Step up your wing game and get dry seasoning on them. Buffalo Wild Wings does them this way, so does Hooters and Wing Stop. Don’t be a dummy and get sweet and spicy. That sugar filled garbage is trying to keep you looking like Simon Birch. Non breaded wings are fantastic. They are like the number one food on the road away from sugar town and becoming the mayor of Swolesville.


5. Show Those Birds Who’s Boss. I know now you are smashing wings like Rick Ross. The next level is stop by a grocery store and purchase whole Rotisserie Chickens. These things are kickass. For under $10 you get a savory treat you get to tear off the bone. Added bonus is it feel awesome to eat an entire animal. Your hotel room should look like you are practicing some type of weird voodoo rituals with all the chicken bones lying around.


Traveling can be done. Don’t make a big deal about it. Lots of people have it a ton worse than you driving in the AC and passing tons of places fully stocked with food. Make the right decisions and don’t let your dumb brain get in your way. Eat the right things, because you want to reach your goals. If you have to go out and eat for work order the right stuff. Don’t waste your time with chips and salsa. Save your few cherished carbs every week for great more important things. I think of carbs and sugar like any addict. One day at a time. Occasionally I slip up, but I get my shit back together the next meal. Make the commitment to your goals. Develop some resolve and will power. Cherish the idea that you can make the right decisions. No excuses for yourself. Keep kicking ass!


 Prepared by Matt Vincent


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