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July 27, 2015


Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized an interesting training method for a bigger chest. Instead of training chest alone he combined with back. The antagonizing muscle groups provided not only aesthetics of a legend, but also improved his strength. However, over time chest day has gotten butchered. Millions are flocking to their Gold’s and 24 Hour Fitness to complete their giant set of Bench, Text, Curl, Flex, Smash a Mcdouble and coke- Gotta have those post workout carbs. While the bench is still one of the top moves to MASS and strength; if your bro is performing back day IE rowing the bar off you as you bench, this is not what Arnold had in mind. But we love the bench… Why??? Because a feat of strength on your back is the ultimate mark of a man… Is it because it stretches your stringed racerback tank top giving you an hour of glorious man cleavage… No matter the reason, for many of us chest day is the best day. So let’s get Jack3d!


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Incline Bench Press:


The pectoralis major (main chest muscle) has two heads: clavicular and sternal. The clavicular or “upper chest” is what most will try to isolate during an incline bench press. Rep range should be varied here; however, lean towards the heavier side. This may elicit more growth since the clavicular head of pec major contains a higher ratio of fast twitch fibers to slow twitch fibers. Use a shoulder-width grip and play around with the reverse grip as well to get even more “upper chest” tension.


Hammer Strength Press:


Machines get a bad rap for building muscle. Any bro at the gym will tell you that free weights are far more superior. While free weights have many advantages over machines, something like the Hammer Strength Bench Press can provide iso-lateral support without the fear of taking a dumbbell to the face. Dustin Carwile of TEAM USPlabs recommends going as wide as possible and keeping constant tension on the chest.


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Bro’s love to make rules. An article you’ve read from stated the top 5 exercises never to do again. So you’re going to preach it to all over the web. Without a proper understanding of kinesiology or even doing further research, we accept every article as truth. The dips are one of these controversial exercises. For healthy adults, dips can be a great exercise for mass. John Davies, Founder of Renegade Training, says: “Given the potential stress upon the rotator cuff, maintain a ‘tight’ position as you slowly lower the body. Ensure you do not ‘over stretch’ as you will put the shoulder in a high-risk situation. Push off hands, raising body before stopping a fraction above ‘full lock out’, pause for a ‘two count’ and repeat.”


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Chest Mass Workout


Incline Press

1×12 // 1×10 // 1×6 // 1×8 (Reverse Grip) // 1×10 (Reverse Grip) 1×12 (Reverse Grip)

Hammer Strength Press

Iso-lateral (20 reps per side) 4 sets

Dips (EMOM – Every Minute on the minute)
12-16 Reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes


Extra Credit

Add 10 push ups to each set of dips


Stay tuned next week as we discuss building a MASSive Back! #LiveModern



Prepared by Nik Ohanian


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