Ultimate Leg Smash

July 01, 2015


I belong to a small town gym. A local rec center where everyone knows your name and anyone will offer you a spot. This is my home Barbell Club. I go to lift weights, see good friends and make gains. It’s Wednesday – Leg Day. The gym was hauntingly quiet for the normal rush, but I had the squat rack to myself. Taking a page out of Renegade Training’s founder John Davies’ playbook, I got to work:


Ultimate Leg Smash


A cautionary word; this is truly a vicious training routine and I am NOT suggesting such for marketing reasons. You truly need to have your ‘game face on’ and eliminate all distractions to manage this session. Take a few extra minutes before you start the routine because it is FAR FROM ‘routine’ and go to ‘that place’. This is YOUR TIME.


Following a proper warm-up (see ‘The Modern Warm-Up‘) that ‘activates’ the core musculature the session shifts QUICKLY into top gear


1a) Front Squats 1½* x 6 reps
1b) Barbell Hack Squats x 12
Perform 5 sets, 45 seconds between each set


* squat to ‘rock bottom’, rise to parallel position before returning to ‘rock bottom’ and returning to standing fully upright.


2a) Barbell Box Step-Up* x 6 reps
2b) Sissy Squats x 15 reps
Perform 5 sets, 45 seconds between each set


* the height of the step is approximately middle to upper shin to place great emphasis upon quadriceps


3a) Walk Off Barbell Lunges * x 6 reps
3b) Modified Plié Squat | Belt Squat ** x 15 reps
Perform 5 sets, 45 seconds between each set


* the height of the step is approximately lower to mid shin
** feet are wider apart as in Sumo Deadlift. Cross arms with elbows high and squat as low as possible with back completely upright and knees ‘tracking’ over toes. Form must be precise or training response is greatly reduced. If performed perfectly the position will resemble a ‘belt squat’ but the individual is likely to put greater emphasis upon lower body given posture.


Walking Lunges 5 sets x 2 minutes, with each step perform one legged calf raise. Rest forty-five seconds between each set


Renegade Notes: Venom


Confidence is EARNED via SWEAT. No clever phrases, no ‘hash-tags’ that marketing teams have researched as ‘trends’ but SWEAT, SWEAT AND MORE SWEAT. If you wish to reach your goals you will need to WORK, respect a proper diet and target recovery. After performing said task each day you have the luxury of sleeping with the knowledge you have managed your goals properly. Upon rising the next day, REPEAT.


Ultimate Leg Smash


Prepared by John Davies


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