Ultimate Beach Pump Workout

June 07, 2016

Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out

I know when I’m outside letting my buns bake in the chilly breezed upstate New York sun, swole is king on the beaches and in the streets!  With the more consistent warm weather, sunshine and longer days its needless to say it’s time to get outside and flaunt those gainz the winter months hid under chalky hoodies and thick sweats.  Nothing beats a good pump during training to force some blood and jack up those Bis, Tris and Traps!

What is a pump, you say?

Well BRO, it’s not just the Jack3d getting your muscles tight… it’s a complex variety of functions allowing for more efficient muscular use and recovery. To put it simply, the enlargement you are feeling is a “fight or flight” central nervous system response causing your body to divert blood from presently non-essential functions, to and from the tissues being utilized for the said action at hand. This blood is being diverted to flush necessary nutrients and calories into the muscle tissue and flush it of lactic acid and carbon dioxide… two very important functions to muscle functionality and recovery which inevitably must happen to foster growth. This enlargement also creates tension in the fascia gradually allowing hypertrophic growth to happen (muscle enlargement).


Team USPlabs Aaron Schultz


How do you achieve this pump? Needless to say, any means at which movement can be achieved under tension to cause the need to engorge the tissues with blood and cause the necessary “flush and feed” function as stated above. The key idea being, weight moved over time… the longer the time utilized, the more overall weight needing to be moved to accomplish the pump. A variety of heavy weight, high rep volume, time under tension and shortened rest periods are just a few ways to accomplish these things as seen in the following workout day:



When you’re just hours away from sun-tanned beach glory, and want a pump from the gods, try this plan (Jack3d not included).


Bench Day | Beach Pump


Warm Up: 1:1 Time to Rest sprint… 100M x8

Paused Floor Press (Hard drive from pause, remain engaged at bottom) // 35-45% 10×10

100 Tricep Push Down

Strict Pull Ups (weight if possible) 4×10

DB Incline Bench Press 4×20

Upright Row 4×20 (Light and slow)

Side Planks (30 seconds each x3 each side)

T-Bar Row 100 Reps slow and light


A solid progression of high volume work, quality nutrition and appropriate rest periods can result in some fairly dramatic and well sustainable results. Though the pump is only temporary, the gainz are forever!



Written by Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength and Conditioning


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