Ultimate 5 Tips for Streamlined Sessions

August 11, 2015


Shift Happens…


Our lives are bigger than any weight we can pull or squat. When time isn’t your “BFF” and you have only 30 minutes to squeeze in a date with the iron, make the shift. You can still SMASH weights until your knees tremble if you follow these 5 guidelines.





1.) Use Full Body Movements – Many of you know compound exercises should be the foundation of any program, but not all multi-joint exercises are created equal. For example if you’re set on benching, add-in a ‘push press’ as a secondary movement. Work on improving Olympic Lifts to add in your programs as well. Try super-setting Front Squats with Stiff-leg Deadlifts, or Overhead Press with Dumbbell Rows.


2.) Special Sets – Get more bang for your buck by decreasing your rest periods. Start with 1-2 minutes rest per set, and push toward 20-30 seconds rest. This is a great way to help increase your conditioning without aimlessly hitting the treadmill.


a.) Agonist Superset. Two exercises that share the same primary muscle group. For example; Barbell Rows and Pull Ups.


b.) Antagonist Superset. Training opposing sides of a joint. For example; Dumbbell Curls and Tricep Pressdowns.


c.) Pre-Exhaust Set. Use a single joint (isolation exercise) prior to a multi joint (compound exercise) to increase primary muscle tension quicker. For example; Romanian Deadlifts and Sumo Deadlifts.


3.) Active Rest – Don’t Stop! Instead of spending 15 minutes prior to training foam rolling or stretching use your time in between sets to get these in. You may not need to shorten your rest periods especially if you’re going heavy, but during your 90 second break, foam roll, do hurtle work, work on mobility, jump rope. (try this warm-up for pre-exhausition)


4.) Have a plan – Know exactly what exercises will be crushed in your workout, how much weight you’ll use and what your rest periods will be. Use a note book or your cell phone to plot your plan out. Quickly record your progress between each exercise and keep smashing!


5.) Attitude. – Keep your head down. Making eye contact tells Bob McChattsworth that you’re ready to engage. Bring a jug of water to the gym. Waiting in line at the water fountain is for noobs. Keep a 30 minute playlist. A timed playlist is great to motivate you to get in and out. Get it done and get home to real-life. There’s always tomorrow…


Ultimate 5 Tips for Streamlined Sessions


Prepared by Nik Ohanian


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