Top 5 Lifting Accessories

February 03, 2015


Training isn’t always enjoyable, but it’s going that extra:



Minute or whatever….


That makes us stand out from just about everyone else.   Something that has helped keep the USPlabs athletes motivated is their gym toys.  These lifting accessories not only create an enjoyable training environment but can accelerate your gains as well.  Here’s our Top 5:

Chris Duffin (World Record Powerlifter) – ShouldeRök™


“The ShoulderRök™ is a precision loadable tool for today’s barbarian, designed to break down the shoulder into its basic operating elements, rebuild it, and make it stronger.  Using this my mobility has improved impacting my daily life as well as allowing me to achieve improved bar position on the squat yielding an all-time world record.  In addition, my Bench Press began moving again after this help improve some shoulder issues and I easily pressed 500lbs raw which was a huge milestone for me.”


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Frank Gonzalez  (Powerlifter // 600lb Bench) – Buffalo Bar


“I enjoy The Buffalo Bar because of its overall versatility, but mainly because of the curve that it has to it.  The inherent bow of the Buffalo Bar enables you to relieve a lot of the stress or pressure that develops in the shoulders from standard bar squats.  As a result of that relief, I am able to squat more frequently and with comfort.  It also works well for those that might lack shoulder mobility since its curve requires your hand placement to be much lower than on a conventional bar.”


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Mike Rea (NPC  Bodybuilder) – Powerlifting Bands


“Band work is a great way to blast past sticking points in your lifts.  I use band for two reasons. The first would have you set the bands up on the lift to where the resistance increases as the rep is performed.  This is a great way to add time under tension to your lifts.  As you’re performing the rep the resistance increases and as a result the muscles being worked are forced to handle the negative resistance the bands will cause.  With this set up there is no part of a lift where the muscle is not under tension and we all know time under tension is what builds muscle.   The second way to set up bands is to incorporate them into a reverse banded lift.  This is where the band is set up to offer a sling shot boost from the bottom of your lifts.  Using barbell squats as an example; the weight curve during your lift would have the weight lighter at the bottom of your squat and gradually get heavier towards the true weight at the top of the lift.”


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Luigi Fagiani (Powerlifter // 800lb raw deadlift) – Fat Grips


“All my life I’ve been training with standard sized grips on all of my free weights. I’ve manipulated my wrist position throughout several different movements to target certain muscle groups. I had no idea what I was missing out on until i started training with the fat grips. I never believed my strength and upper body muscle gain would be so noticeable from simply manipulating the size of my grip on whatever movement I am doing. Fat grips have literally taken my training to another level, all from shocking my body with a different grip!”


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Matt Vincent (Highland Games Champion) – Chains


“Chains have helped me break many strength plateaus.   They force you to strengthen the entire lift while moving the bar faster as it becomes heavier.  Think about lifts where you have a sticking point say just above parallel you can use chains and learn to push through those spots.  I use them as an accessory to my main lift or add them to things like rows and pull ups.  I hit my main lift for the day, then add some chains to hit it as an accessory lift.   Take for example 40lbs chains (80lbs total).  After you have completed your main lift decrease by 20lbs and add your chains.  This way you are adding about 60lbs to the top of your lift. Strengthening your lock out and speed through the lift will surely help you break through your plateau and soon on to more PRs.”


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Top 5 Lifting Accessories


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