Top 5 Fitness Quotes to Forget

November 15, 2016

Fitness quotes are a dime a dozen.  I’ve always wondered what really costs a dime a dozen.  Remember when you could get gummy bears for a dime per ten, maybe if a couple had a second gummy stuck to it it’d be a dime a dozen….  I don’t know, these are the questions that keep me up at night…

We’ve all seen these quotes, postered on the wall with the brooding bodybuilder in a hoodie or fitness chick with short shorts and a sports bra, with a powerful sequence of words that inspire you to” just get it done”.   Often this serves as propaganda for something you probably don’t need or is whatever the bro equivalent to an “old wives’ tale”.   So, this week we chatted with TEAM USPlabs to discuss fitness quotes that need to be forgotten.



   “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard. “


“Hard work is not a guarantee to get anywhere.  For all you know you could be working against your intended goal.  Successful people do not take ‘no’ for an answer, if something doesn’t work out, they find out WHY and they fix it. They don’t give up or simply show up. They make a plan to get it done.  This is what creates talent.  Don’t confuse talent with luck.”  – Amanda Gable // NPC Bikini Competitor


   “Do Sit Ups to get a Six Pack”


“Abs are made from a strict diet.  No fancy equipment, warming belts, hidden exercises, or magic.  Simple nutrition and some genetics. Lose enough body fat and you will have abs period.  While the fitness industry preys on all of us wanting these visible abs, the truth is diet is the key.  You have to be lean to have abs.   Also, sit-ups will not give you a thinner midsection.  Just like doing any other exercise when you work out and fatigue a muscle that stimulus causes that muscle to grow and become stronger.  Not get smaller and tighter.  Abs play by the game rules as your biceps.  You wouldn’t perform curls to get smaller arms.”  – Matt Vincent // World Highland Games Champion



     “Don’t Eat Before Bed”


“Anyone who said not to eat after midnight was trying to ruin the fun for everyone! Not only is it a MYTH but it is also recommended to eat before bedtime. Of course, you can’t have a snack attack – you’ll need the proper nutrition before your evening fast (sleep). “ – Dustin Starr // Two-Time Mr. Tennessee  







   “Go Big, Or Go Home”


“My concern with ‘Go Big or Go Home’ is it seems to give the ‘green light’ to one of the greatest problems in the ‘iron game’ today; horrid technical form. In my thirty-three years of coaching and upon touring private and commercial training facilities, including prominent professional teams, I’ve never seen such poor technical form. This is primarily due to the fact young athletes are rushing too quickly into a weight they cannot manage, leading to a significantly higher risk of injury and radically lowering the benefit of the movement. Quite naturally it is important to pursue your goals with unyielding passion and intensity but never, not once, not ever, at the expense of technical form. If one takes a ‘long game’ approach they will not only radically lower the risk of training injuries but develop in an optimal manner and effectively be able to manage a greater weight in time.” – John Davies // Founder of Renegade Training.



What fitness quotes have you learned to forget? Tag us or post them up!





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