Thomas Gibson’s BRUTAL Off Season “Fifth-Day” Workout – Part 2

January 12, 2017

Part 1 is done… Take a breath.

You’ve crushed legs with some isolation movements.  You smashed either sissy squats or plie squats – both of which are much harder than they sound.  Now we’re moving to back training.  Remember each of these workouts are not single sessions or the “most epic movements for serious gains.”  This is supplementary to an already existing routine. Roll the dice, take an extra day each week and add this full workout to your plan.


“The vast difference between goal realization and idle “chit-chat” is  a well-designed exercise diet and supplement program.  The fact is some ‘do’ and others ‘talk’.  Seek out your goals with a relentless spirit and do not allow yourself to fall short simply because you did not manage all aspects of proper preparation.” John Davies // World renown strength and athletic coach


Check out the full-length video showing Thomas’ brutal “Fifth-Day” workout in its entirety!


Part 2 of 4: Back


Download Thomas Gibsons’ Complete “Fifth-Day” workout plan HERE


  • Rope Pull Down

Instant Training Tip –> Focus on your lats throughout the movement and think of pulling the rope through your body.  Remember to brace your core. This is not an exercise for the triceps so keep your arms straight.

  • Straight Bar Pull Down 

Instant Training Tip –> The behind the neck pull-down is a unique exercise reserved for advanced athletes. To really hit the lats keep your back straight, leaning back will take the emphasis off the desired area to mid traps and rhomboids. For a greater pump, allow for more of a stretch at the top of the movement.

  • Close Grip Seated Row 

Instant Training Tip –>  A common mistake when performing a seated row is to bring the head forward.  Many will do this as it feels like it engages the lat more; however, it can damaging to the shoulder.  Instead keep your chin tucked and your shoulder blades pulled back. Try alternating your elbow positioning to hit your back from a different angle.


Legs and Back are finished and we’re not stopping there…  Take a sip or two of ModernBCAA+; you’re now half way done!  Next is chest, and Thomas starts with a unique variation of the push-up.  Stay tuned this session continues on Jan 19th…

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