The Squat You’ve Probably Never Done

October 20, 2016

The Squat You’ve Probably Never Done


I’ve done them all” you say…

…Back, Front, Zercher, Overhead, Pistol, Barbell, Dumbbell and so on and so forth down the line. Been there done that…

But what about the Hack Squat? No, not the sled-like machine that is usually next to the leg press, the Barbell Hack Squat!

That’s right, before advanced machines and commercial gyms, bodybuilders and strength trainees considered the Barbell Hack Squat a staple in their overall training routines.

Why? Easy, it can be a tremendous developer of strength, speed and power!

It’s a very basic lift that essentially looks like a deadlift except the barbell is BEHIND you and not in front.

It can be a little awkward at first, like many exercises, especially for those who have developed glutes.

As with any exercise, start off on the lighter side to learn the proper technique and go from there.

A few key points:

-Lift with your legs by rooting your feet into the floor and driving through the floor

Squats Barbell

-Flex your triceps at the beginning of each rep. This is a “checkpoint” to ensure proper posture and starting position.

-Depending upon your personal build (such as arm length, leg length etc) the barbell may “run into” your backside at the top of the movement. Be sure not to shift too far onto your toes and lose balance.

-In the video above, Arthur Gonzalez is performing a high rep, low weight set in order to demonstrate the technique to you. However, this exercise is best served using low to moderate reps and moderate to heavy weights.

BB Hack Squat finsih




There you have it – another tool in your tool chest!

Incorporate the Barbell Hack Squat into your routine this fall and winter for an awesome leg developer that’s easier on the knees than some other squat variations for most.



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