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June 08, 2015


Training is a priority. No, not only within the confines of the gym, but of training others to become qualified teachers. We often think of what needs to be done at the moment, instead of the long-view. Between our jobs, families and fitness programs, too often neglected is finding the time to create tomorrow’s leaders. Who has made the biggest impact in your life? Do you feel that you could become a mentor to others?


We asked Renegade Training Founder John Davies to provide insight on the Modern Mentor.


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“When one accepts the mantle of leadership it should not be for personal gain but for a greater purpose. It comes with age, time under the heat of pressure and respect to leave your people and this world a better place long after your day’s end. These are the ones that are not at top of the pedestal pointing and pandering for attention, but actually ‘in the trenches’ with their sleeves rolled up, helping to create a better tomorrow.



Leaders are at the front with their sleeves rolled-up.


We need leaders and prior to suggesting that ‘there are few’, I must say that quite the opposite is true. Great leaders are seen daily at the front of the classroom teaching, on the streets protecting our society from harm’s way, the parent working to support a family or reading a bedtime story to their child at night. Leaders are everywhere but we need to look for them, and they aren’t found through the glitz of marketing.


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Leaders are humble in victory and accept responsibility in defeat.


Within the sport and exercise sector, there are great leaders at every turn but often in the most unsuspecting arenas. Recently, I was putting my athletes, elite-level, through a sweat-soaked late spring workout when off to the corner of our training grounds a couple appeared. They were clearly in the early stages of training but were pushing themselves through one of the actual workouts from these pages. Their efforts immediately served a point to my athletes, push, our goals aren’t met in the comfort zone and ‘if THEY can do it so can we’. Professional athletes motivated by novice; further proof that leaders come in every shape and size.


Each of us possesses the heart of a leader. Each drop of sweat is not only a step towards our own goals but a lesson to others. Work more, not for yourself, but to help others achieve their goals and you will be well on your way to accepting the role of a leader.



Be humble for actions serve as lessons for the next generation.


The responsibility of leadership is broad and encompasses vast areas but starts with some very simple points that once adopted changes your life forevermore:


  • Principles never have a price-tag
  • Doing right is never wrong


Now it’s your time. Choose a proper mentor who is concerned not of what ‘you can provide them’ but how they can help prepare you for the mantle of leadership. It is the circle of leadership, the great opportunity of the future and how we can change our future. Lead.”


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Prepared by John Davies


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