The Great Protein Debate | Overcompensating Scoops

August 25, 2015


The first protein powder I ever had was a meal replacement packet from my dad’s stash of supps. It was chunky, tasted funky and did not in the slightest resemble chocolate. At that time the common belief was the worst it tasted the better it was for you. Today this notion has completely changed, and your protein shake may be the best tasting food in your diet.


How to Choose a Quality Protein?


Many will buy based on protein per serving. A 60g protein shake may sound great, but how many scoops does it take to reach that protein content? Another factor is how large are those scoops? If your scoop is larger than your coffee mug you may want to find another product.


Next make sure your protein states that there are no amino fillers. Aminos are much cheaper to add to a supplement than actual protein. Why does this matter? When a protein supplement gets tested its nitrogen content is measured. These aminos can fool the test into thinking your protein powder is a beefier product than it actually is. The label may read 26g of protein per scoop and in fact only have 21g. Check the ingredients for any added aminos. They are often listed.




Concentrate on the first ingredient. In most cases, if Whey Protein Concentrate is listed first it’s usually a low quality product. Most concentrates are cheap, and can be tough to digest. However not all concentrates are created equal. Modern Protein contains a high quality (80%) Whey Protein Concentrate. While this is not an industry standard, we think that going beyond what’s standard is important in all our products. A blend of fast digesting (whey protein isolates, whey protein hydrolysate) and slow digesting (milk protein, micellar casein) can be beneficial as well to receive sustained muscle feeding. ModernPROTEIN also contains enzymes for improved digestion.


When To Use ModernPROTEIN?


You’ll hear the Scholars of Swole state, you need so much protein to fuel your workout, for recovery, prior to sleep, in each meal, in-between meals…. It equates to so much powder that you wonder how many tubs of protein these people are going through a week or daily. Remember, a protein powder is made to supplement a healthy diet. As someone who lifts heavy objects regularly you’ll get hungry and so will your muscles. So for convenience and deliciousness ModernPROTEIN is a great option.


Pre-Workout: If you train fasted you can skip this. Personally, I train in this manner throughout the year, because I enjoy it. However, it’s not for everyone. If I train later in the day I will power my workout with a blend of protein, carbs and fat. Are carbs needed? No, but I do feel stronger with carbs about 2 hours prior to training. This can be as simple as oatmeal with Vanilla Ice Cream ModernPROTEIN added.


Post-Workout: I don’t rush to get a shake in post-workout. I’ve never noticed a difference doing so. However you’re going to get hungry after training. Maybe you’re at the office and haven’t mastered food-prepping. A turkey sandwich may not be the most “macro friendly”, but pair with a Vanilla Ice Cream ModernPROTEIN shake and now you’ve got a decent recovery meal.


Last Meal of the Day: When it gets late, I get snacky. Many of my clients are able to stick to their diet all day until about 8pm. For this meal I recommend satisfying your sweet tooth. An easy to make ModernPROTEIN sludge works well here.


Choose your food sources wisely and do your research. The gym and internet is full of misguided dumbbell jockeys. Educating yourself can save you both time and money. #LiveModern




Prepared by Nik Ohanian


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