The Cut | Breaking The Rules

January 27, 2016


As the old saying goes – rules are meant to be broken. Those words often ring very true when it comes to The Cut.


Rules for contest prepping are completely different from the everyday gym-goer looking to lose a few extra pounds. So, today I will focus on the everyday fitness buff (male + female) and those rules that you can absolutely break without tarnishing your progress.


Break this Rule: No Cheat Meals


I know what you’re thinking – “Are you serious, bro?”


Contrary to popular belief, cheat meals are acceptable.  In fact, they can be very beneficial to your diet.  Keeping a clean diet and a consistent workout routine can be very taxing on your body.  A “refeed meal” will actually help replenish your body and could give you the extra boost you need moving forward.


Don’t get it twisted – I’m not giving you permission to go pig out.  Cheat meals should be scheduled for once or twice a week.  Your cheat should consist of high protein content, so your body can benefit.  My favorite cheat meal is a burger and fries from a restaurant – not fast food.  Once the cheat meal has been consumed, you get right back on track with your eating and training routine.


Break This Rule: No Soda


In my opinion, you should never ever consume a fully-loaded soda.  Period.  There are far too many sugars and carbs in a can of soda.  So, the actual rule to follow should be no fully-loaded sodas.


Diet sodas or the “zero” sodas are fine in moderation.  Those diet sodas typically have zero carbs, zero sugar and zero calories.  They aren’t particularly good for you – but sometimes they can save you from eating something you shouldn’t.


For example:  I look at a diet soda as if it were a mini-cheat.  I’ll have one per day – that is all.  But that one diet soda gives me the sweetness that I need to fight off the urge to eat a snack that would be much higher in carbs, sugars and calories.


Break This Rule: Eat Less to Lose Weight


This rule can not only be broken – but it should be shattered.  Have you ever avoided eating so you could lose a few pounds?  Have you ever tried an appetite suppressant?  If so, you’re missing out on all the fun!


One of the biggest rules that can absolutely be broken is thinking you can just eat less to lose weight.  Some might avoid eating altogether to lose weight.  This is not only dangerous to your health, but it isn’t as effective as you might think.


Eating consistent meals throughout the day will help speed up your metabolism, keep you healthy and also help you lose weight.  With that being said, you certainly have to eat the right kinds of food (see more).  Lean protein, proper types of carbs and, of course, your greens/fiber is the proper way to go.  You can easily consume 5-6 meals per day and drop weight.


The recipe for The Cut is pretty simple on paper:


– Train hard
– Eat clean
– Be consistent


The more aggressive you are with each step, the better your results will be.  Take into consideration that you can break the 3 rules I shared and you will be one happy cutter.


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