The Countdown – 2 Weeks Out

June 09, 2015


Crunch time has arrived. With less than two weeks from my home pro debut at the Dallas Europa, I’m feeling pretty good about my current look.


Current Weight 190lbs // Goal Weight 185



Training this week has been kicked up a couple notches with an additional workout added to pump up my weak points.


Upper Chest: Add 100 pushups upon waking and before bed.


Abs: Increased Focus on posing and breathing to squeeze abs/obliques. Hold poses for one minute for increased tension.


Stage Presence: Practice flexing daily for 30 minutes, performing bodybuilding mandatory poses.


I’m excited about what I’ll bring to this show. I’m aiming for first place but will be content with 2nd place for 6 points towards my Olympia points.


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams The Countdown 2 weeks out


The most trying time these past two weeks has been curbing my sweet tooth. It’s extremely difficult when you have children. There are constantly sweets in the house. Whenever I get the urge to cheat or pinch off of my daughter’s honeybun, I grab a 1/2 cup of Kashi cereal and pick on it to knock off the edge. I’m not recommending this but if you’re going to do it at least make sure that it’s not unhealthy and beneficial to your goals. I’ve had my slip ups but I set boundaries that’ll keep me on track. I haven’t had a full fledge cheat meal in about 4 weeks since my last show other than the occasional protein bar or Kashi cereal. And usually, whenever I eat something like that it’s pre-workout and usually burned off by the end of my workout and cardio session.


Training and Diet



This week’s workouts will be more of the same with working on my weak areas such as upper chest. More time will be dedicated to core. I’m scaling back on my cardio to 20 min per session pre workout then post workout as I’ve leaned out pretty well and don’t want to lose muscle at this point.


My diet has changed to cod, asparagus, 99/1 ground turkey, and tenderloins for the week with little to no sodium. Next week I’ll begin the slow process of cutting water. This time around I’m using dandelion roots to see if that will fix my sodium rebound issues that I seem to always get after my shows.


Ask AJ



How are you able to maintain a rigorous training schedule, train clients, and still have the time and energy for family?


AJ Williams: How bad do you want it? If it’s something that you’re not willing to sacrifice something for, then it’s not that important to you. I sacrifice sleep time in order to guarantee that I get my workouts in. I get up bright and early before my wife and kids get ready for work and school and I hit the gym usually by 4am to either train a client or do my morning cardio. My morning cardio usually is fasted so I don’t worry about food until I get finished. Once I’ve completed my cardio, I then head home and prep my egg whites and oatmeal and drink my ModernBCAA+ and will even fix breakfast for the family while they’re getting ready. It’s a routine for me now so I’m able to handle it better than say back in 2006 when I first began my career in bodybuilding.

Again, the bottom line is “How bad do you want it?” I’m able to go to family cookouts where there’s nothing healthy for me but bottle water and not touch any of the food. Yes, the temptation is there but if you stay prepared by bringing your own food then there’s no excuse. If you don’t have a support system in place, i.e., family that understands what you’re doing and how important it is to you then more than likely you’ll slip up and fall off of your diet. Someone has to hold you accountable and not purposely tempt you with unhealthy foods. If there’s someone around you like that, you need to distance yourself from them until after you’ve reached your goals. Sacrifice is key! Give up a little and gain a lot with a healthy lifestyle, a killer body, and longer life by healthy choices you’ve made.


My cravings this entire prep have been sweets unlike any other. I day dream about June 20th after the finals when I’m able to eat two slices of my favorite cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory. It’s funny, I know, but it’s my motivation right now.


I’m undecided on what my plans will be after this show. It really depends on how well I do at Europa. My ultimate goal is to compete on the biggest stage which is Olympia in September. I’ll probably take a little time off to go on a family vacation with the family and then get back on my grind. Until then, let’s just pray that I can secure the win at Dallas Europa. #RideWitAnt #OAM2015


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams The Countdown 2 weeks out


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