The Countdown – 1 Week Out

June 16, 2015


The time has finally arrived. I’m 3 days out from my home pro debut at the Dallas Europa Fit Expo. Right now I’m feeling a little drained as this is peak week, carb intake is low and water depletion has begun. Leading up to this show, in comparison to Pittsburgh Pro and Atlanta Seaboard Pro, I’ve made a few changes in my diet.


When I was at this point leading up to Pitt Pro I literally zeroed out on my carbs the entire week. The purpose was so that I could come in as shredded as possible.


Unfortunately, it really took a toll on my body as I dropped about 8-10 lbs the final week. I was the leanest I had ever been, but I was also flat. What I mean by flat is that I didn’t reintroduce enough carbs back into my body in time for it to take effect before I hit the stage; hence, the 16th place finish.


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams The Countdown 1 week out


The following 2 weeks before Atlanta, I decided to keep carbs in my diet for the entire 2 week prep which made all of the difference in the world. I only ate red potatoes, jasmine rice, and sweet potatoes with at least 3 of my meals each day. My protein intake also changed as I switched from lean turkey to lean 96/4 beef and lean steak with 2 meals, then the rest were tilapia and asparagus. I ended up placing 4th in the Atlanta show as I was able to keep a fuller look on stage and weighed almost 10lbs heavier.


The same formula was used prepping for Europa. The only difference is that my only 2 carb meals are early pre-workout and post workout. My pre-workout meal consists of lean beef and 7 oz red potatoes and my post workout meal consists of top sirloin, sweet potato and 1/2 cup of jasmine rice. My water intake for my final week is as follows:


Sunday: 3 gallons
Monday: 2 gallons
Tuesday: 1.25 gallons
Wednesday .5 gallon
Thursday: 32 oz.
Friday: Sip as needed
Saturday: Sip as needed


If you’re interested in competing, I would recommend going to a show or two so you can see what the competitors go through throughout the day to maintain their look while waiting to go on stage. I also would recommend speaking with someone who competes and listen to their stories on the importance in nutrition in this sport. It’s not all about getting in the gym and lifting a bunch of weight. That’s easy. The tough part is the discipline it takes with staying with your diet until show time. Stay away from negative people that try to discourage you because doubt will sink in and you’ll get cold feet.


My training has remained intense throughout. I train my abs and obliques every morning before or right after fasted cardio. Although they’re showing, I still like to exercise them for conditioning purposes by doing decline sit-ups, ab roller, standing oblique twists, hanging leg raises, and oblique crunches on the hyper extension machine. For each movement, I focus on squeezing and blowing out to get the obliques good and shredded. I definitely wouldn’t recommend weighted oblique exercises for those wanting a smaller waist line as weighted exercises can cause you to have a thicker waist. I hope that these tips are beneficial to those that follow me or USPlabs. I would like to thank USPlabs for covering me leading up to my show. I hope that I’ve interested you, the readers, to “RidewitAnt” all the way to Olympia. Until then, keep grinding hard and your hard work won’t go unnoticed. #oam2015 #ridewitant


TEAM USPlabs AJ Williams The Countdown 1 week out


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