Summer Strong – Ultimate Burn

July 14, 2015


It all began here and here it will forever stay. Your first true fitness experience and your most memorable moment as a teen. I’m talking about your local High School track, and since school’s out for summer, it’s time to get back on that crushed rubber and get those sticks kickin’ to high heaven! Track and Field is the forefront and foundation to Strength and Conditioning so no matter your goal, your local track can add countless benefits to your programming and a little sun to your days as well!


The benefits of track conditioning far outweigh that of the typical treadmill workout. Not only is it significantly easier to measure and progress, but much smoother to program and apply to most athletic events whether it be running intensive, power or cosmetic. Sprinting specifically can help improve size, definition, and body fat composition as well as power, dynamics and recovery. All you will need are some quality track shoes and a local facility open to the public.


Firstly, being that track training typically involves high levels of running volume… it’s important to perform some regimented mobility programming. This should include a light, low impact warm up, foam rolling, some dynamic movements and light stretches. Good mobility programming can prevent major overuse injuries and allow for more a consistent form as you put yourself through your paces. Once warmed up, try the following program out to get you a solid high intensity workout to facilitate some quality gains…




Warm-Up Programming (10-15 Minutes of quality movements)
½ Mile Run at 50% pace to limber up


Pacing Drills:
Perform the following for 2×100 meters:

  • Shortened Quick Feet Stride
  • Exaggerated Long Stride
  • High Knee Stride
  • Butt Kicks


Summer Strong - Track Training


Rest – 5 Min

  • 200M Acceleration and Deceleration x 4

**Accelerate to 100% from Meter 1 to Meter 150, then immediately decelerate to a jog, then take 2-3 Min Rest between each.


Rest – 5 min

  • 100m Sprints 1:1 Rest at 95% Pace Rate x10

**Time it takes to sprint 100m is then rested before the next 100m is performed… Done to capacity at present fatigue level**


High work capacity is key, and heart rate maintenance not only helps improve an athlete’s endurance but also allows appropriate blood flow to muscle tissues. Don’t think about losing your gains because the better your body’s endurance, the more capacity your system has to maintain its muscle mass and integrity, as well as your health.


Summer Strong Track Training


Prepared by Rob Saeva CPT


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