Redefining Bodybuilding | Shoulders and Triceps

August 10, 2015


What’s a bodybuilder? A google search for “bodybuilders are….” brought up:


Bodybuilders are weak
Bodybuilders are insecure
Bodybuilders are unhealthy


Bodybuilding has been around for over a century, so why is it looked at with such disdain? In the age of social media we can easily learn about a wide variety of topics. However, these topics are created to fuel discussion, conflict and likes. This propaganda is why many women don’t want to workout – “Bodybuilding makes you bulky”, and why many men think there’s a singular supplement that will get you the physique you want “Pills, protein and powerlifts give you Hulk status”.


Building your body creates discipline. Maybe in some circles that’s “weird”. However, if you choose to take a few hours out of your week to look better and be healthier, you can start here. Get the Ultimate Shoulder and Tricep workout below!


30 minutes prior to training: Pre-workout cocktail


  • 1 scoop of JACK3D
  • Intraworkout: 2 scoops of Watermelon Modern BCAA+™ mixed with 20oz of water.



The Workout


DB Lateral Raise
: Arguably the greatest exercise for shoulder shape and hypertrophy. To increase tension to medial delt turn arm so pinky is higher than thumb at top of movement
3×10 (Last set should be a triple dropset)


Military Press– Another great shoulder movement to include early in your routine. Military presses and other variances of the overhead press can help strengthen your other pressing movements.
1×6 at 60% of max
1×8 at 70% of max
1x failure at 80% of max (rest pause set)


Rear Delt Flyes– Use a high rep range with rear delt flies to really make your shoulders pop.


DB 6 ways: Start with a front raise. When arms are parallel to the floor pull elbows back (keep elbows high). Keep elbow fixed and rotate arms so that your fist is inline with your ear. Your fist and shoulder should create a 90 degree angle. Rotate arm back down so fist is parallel to floor. Extend arm out to side slowly lowering DB’s to your side.


Close Grip Bench Press: Despite the name, a very narrow grip is not needed. Try a grip just a couple inches closer than your normal bench. Hands should be about 8-10 inches apart.
1×6 60% of max
1×8 80% of max
1xfailure 80% of max (Rest pause set)


Skullcrushers : Rotate between using an incline or decline bench each week.


Cable Pushdowns: Change grips each week


Dips: Keeping the torso more upright can help hammer your tris. However, do not perform with your torso at a 90 degree angle. Doing so will put unnecessary strain on your shoulders. If you can perform more than 15 dips try weighted.


Finish your workout with 1 scoop of ModernPROTEIN™: Vanilla Ice Cream with your beverage of choice.


Quick Recap:



  • DB Lateral Raise 3×10
  • Military Press 1×6, 1×8, 1xfailure
  • Rear Delt Flyes 3×15
  • Dumbbell 6 ways 3×10
  • Close Grip Bench 1×6, 1×8, 1x failure
  • Skullcrushers 3×12
  • Cable Pushdowns 3×10
  • Dips 3×15


Take the guess-work out of training and try this workout this week. Share your comments or questions on any of our social channels. Live Modern and Be Ultimate.


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Prepared by Nik Ohanian with workout supplied by Mike Rea


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