Pro Tips | Shoulder Day

March 15, 2016

Pro Tips | Shoulder Day


“Never trust a man with a weak handshake or narrow shoulders.” 

A strong presence is more than self-inflated confidence.  Hard work and unbreakable ethic has much more value than words of whimsical proportions.  Beyond the routine that feels good and gives you sick pump is something far more distinguished. I can’t count how many early morning sessions I trained that I’d rather be in bed.  This is what it takes to break the molds of your genetics. Sure, some of you may be gifted with grand deltoids of MASS destruction, ‘hurlin’ da hundo’s’ to the heavens faster than Icarus could reach the sun.  However, the genetic lottery doesn’t land on your number often and even if it did the greatest physiques of all time were able to reach such altitude by making their greats greater and even their weaknesses brought giants to their knees.  This week we spoke with 5 of our Pros and discussed the makings of boulder shoulders.
“Consider building shoulders to mantle responsibility, both literally and figuratively. It is crucial for shoulders, the shoulder capsule, to be stable to manage the demands of training as well as potential injury if in the case of sport and to naturally project broadly to continue the classic v-taper.
The best approach is making use of dumbbells following the guise of time under tension with slow eccentric action and complete control of the weight. In the attached video, ensure proper movement without momentum and release the small finger from the dumbbell. Rest periods are extremely short, i.e., thirty seconds, and as you will quickly learn, use a (surprisingly) light weight.” –  John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training 


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“To help build a wider upper body, try 1-arm cable raises. Grab the handle at a cable station, and with the arm away from the stack do a lateral raise till your arm is slightly above parallel to the floor. Hold for a count at the top and slowly return to start outside thigh. Do 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps with a light to moderate weight to maximally pump the shoulders and switch arms.
The cable keeps constant tension on the medial head of the deltoid to emphasize the all-important “cap” that gives the illusion of upper body width.” – Victor Egonu | Pro Natural Bodybuilder
“Towards the end of your workout implement the quadruple threat shoulder move. All standing.  8 front dumbbell raises all the way perpendicular to sky, 12 medial side raises, 8 standing Y raises and 8 V raises 90 sec break repeat 3x. Use a strict neutral spine during each movement.” – Chad Demchik | IFBB Physique Pro
The standing shoulder press, push up superset is a favorite of Dustin Starr, Pro Wrestler and Physique competitor.  See it here.
Bodybuilder Mike Rea uses this unique variation of the lateral raise to help shock his shoulders.  Check it out here.
Use any of these shoulder shockers today, and let us or any of our pros know if you have any questions.

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