Pro Tips | Chest and Tri Day

March 01, 2016


Monday may be international chest day, but today there should be at least a single bench open to get some quality pressing in.  Chest day often gets treated as “find as many angles of bench press to do” day:  However, as stated in various articles we’ve written in the past, a quality routine includes diversity.  Many have found that by decreasing their training time and implementing smarter movements in a well-planned succession leads to quicker results.  So, we’ve recruited the Pro’s to help you put together a better chest and tricep routine.  Start implementing these movements today!


Target the upper chest with a giant set of Dumbbell Flyes, dumbbell press and incline bench press. With the dumbbell flyes I use weight that I can really conduct a proper fly by angling my forearms causing a good stretch during the eccentric movement w a slight 2-5 second pause. Don’t go heavy w this movement to avoid possible tears due to the stress placed on the pecs. Incline bench press I like to bring the bar down to my neck to enhance the stretch on the upper chest. Also press till arms are fully extended and squeezing w every rep.  – Ant Williams | IFBB Physique Pro


Choose a weight that you can manage and not a weight that manages you. This edict of resistance training goes back to my earliest days of coaching, the 1980’s, and stems from my passion in the classic arts of fencing and martial arts, as well as the ‘iron game’ and even surfing. Ultimately this comes down to maintaining position under duress (chaos training), constant tension and proper movement. With this in mind the circular fly is a perfect ‘finishing’ movement in chest training and harkens back to the rich past of the ‘iron game’. Perform a few sets with a high rep range of 12 to 15. – John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training


JM Press, Banded Dips, and Slingshot Pushups are Highlands Game World Champion Matt Vincents 3 favorite auxillary movements for chest and tri’s.  Get the video here.


The Rolling Tricep Extension is a nice variation of a skull crusher. Notice it’s not a bounce off the floor as the roll out and roll in create a distinct break from the eccentric and concentric phases. I also really like the fact that the roll in cues the elbows back in versus a standard skull crusher where you see more flaring with fatigue kicking in or advancing loads. This significantly reduces the negative stresses on the elbow with skull crushers. To do these lower the weight to the floor close to the head as possible. Have a distinct roll out and when your roll it back in pull it in till it just about hits your head before pressing it out with the triceps. Use 25lb plates to get the right distance off the floor. –  Chris Duffin | Powerlifting World Record Holder and Coach


The Cable Chest Press is one of Victor Egonu, Natural Pro’s favorite finishing movements for chest day. Get the video here.


Let us know which one of these new exercises you plan to try in your next workout.  #LiveModern


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