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December 01, 2015


Do you even cardio?  Most associate running, rowing or ellipticalling with a loss of gains.  The belief here is that performing aerobic exercise activates the AMPK pathway which would shut down the mTOR pathway thus creating a catabolic state.   However, unless your workouts are entirely made up of cardio, this will not be the case.  A strength training session will increase protein synthesis for about 48 hours (maybe even longer).  Implementing cardio will not impact the net protein balance accumulated through workouts throughout the week.  This was demonstrated in a study last January titled Exercise-induced AMPK activation does not interfere with muscle hypertrophy in response to resistance training in men.  The participants here not only didn’t experience a loss of mass from performing cardio (45 minutes of cycling) prior to resistance training, but were still able to gain mass.   However, if you’re going to put the effort into anything, especially something you may not love too much such as cardio, it’s important to do it as efficiently as possible.  This week we spoke to our Pro’s about their cardio secrets.


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“Most people may overlook tracking their heart rate during cardio. This is a very important detail in burning fat. Personally, I keep my heart rate between 125-145.” Dustin Starr // Professional Wrestler, NPC Physique Competitor


“Allow yourself to have variety. Change it up from the traditional stair climber and treadmill routine. Mix HIIT into your cardio and try different exercises that’ll get your heart rate up like boxing, swimming, etc.…” – Antoine Williams // Physique Pro


“Train a small muscle group before cardio when doing fasted cardio. This allows you to tap right into fat stored once you start cardio instead of having a delay.” – Amanda Gable // NPC Bikini Competitor


“Sipping on fluids will ensure your body won’t become dehydrated throughout your session. Also, adding in some quality BCAA’s such as USPlabs’ Modern BCAA+ is a good way to extend energy levels and help prevent a catabolic state.” – Victor Egonu // Pro Natural Bodybuilder


“Spare the treadmill and think ‘work threshold’. The key to developing fitness levels is in fact improving work threshold so that you are able to maintain posture under duress.”  – John Davies | Founder of Renegade Training


If you’re having trouble with your cardio or cutting goals, let us know.  We’d be happy to help.  #LiveModern


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