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October 27, 2015


Winter is almost here… this is apparent by any visible calendar or feeling the need to inhale anything flavored of pumpkin spice. To be more specific, this is the time of year where many of us decide to cultivate mass in whatever form it may be. Why is this worth noting? Bulking season is often not as thought out as when both the “sun” and the “guns” are out. Because of this, our results may not be exactly what we had in mind. Sure, we have a few months to cut prior to sunscreen season but what if instead of a typical bulk, your focus was on staying shredded, getting shredded or maintaining body fat while adding mass? This week we discuss 5 secrets from TEAM USPlabs on how they get this done.


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  • “Complex training can drive you through the most monotonous of winter training. Build ‘the wheels’ with complex training that makes use of compound movements and a variety of squat variations, i.e. hack squats, front squats, overhead squats as well as Clean Pulls, Snatch Pulls, Split Jerks and Split Snatches. ‘Wheels’ are built in the winter. None better than the ‘Bear’, which I introduced to sporting circles (at the dawn of man). Power Clean to Front Squat, Front Squat to Push Press, Push Press to Back Squat, Back Squat to Split Jerk. Return to starting position. Perform 6 reps and 4 sets.” – John Davies Founder of Renegade Training 

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  • “Don’t get caught up in scale numbers. Let your mirror be your guide. Keep in mind, the more fat added trying to gain size, the longer and harder you will have to work to get shredded. Incorporate mini diets to help keep body fat levels in check as well as insulin sensitivity. 2-4 weeks is all you need.” – Mike Rea NPC Bodybuilder

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  • “My secret to staying shredded during the colder months is carb-cycling. Find a cycle on carbs that works best with your goals. Consistency is key to any eating routine, no matter the goal. So, stay consistent and log your results. Carbs are key – in the right place – to getting & staying shredded.” – Dustin Carwile NPC Physique and Professional Wrestler

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  • “Think about where you want to be in the summer time and what it takes to get there. This pushes your mind ahead to focus on what others will look at in the months to come. Proper supplementation, nutrition, and diet are key components that less experienced athletes forget in the off season. Get your mindset right first, then take your body to the next level. Whether you are an elite athlete or trying to get back into shape, remember; the ones who succeed are the ones who look ahead.” – Tammy Bravomalo IFBB Figure Pro

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  • “During the winter I perform high intensity interval training cardio about two to three times a week.   I will take one week off training completely every 4 months to revamp and reset my metabolic capacity. Calorie cycling has also worked well for me.  I will have two weeks of higher calories to bulk and then one week of lower calories to maintain or cut.” – Victor Egonu Pro Natural Bodybuilder

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