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March 17, 2015


They say “almost” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  I lack the experience of the latter however I can say that the building a solid “horseshoe” takes more than an “almost”.  That is what that phrase refers to right… If you want to be taken serious-“ish” when you’re “straight flexin” in the mirror at Golds you better be packing some mass.  Otherwise you’ll end up as tomorrow’s meme.


To sport 20” guns like A’nold…hashtag WokeUpLikeThis , hashtag NattyLikeMyPeanutButter, hashtag TheTerminator, necessitates hammering your tri’s.  Do they account for 2/3’s of your arm? Who cares, but the fact is they make up more of your arm’s girth than your biceps and they’ll aid your bench press. Who doesn’t want that? These are our top 3 moves for tricep mass.


So roll up your sleeves & get JACK3D!!!


modern protein


Close Grip Bench Press


Over 2/3’s of your triceps are made up of fast twitch muscles .  This means that going hard and heavy will provide the greatest stimulus for hypertrophy.  Matt Vincent of TEAM USPlabs says to perform close grip work at shoulder width and squeeze the bar on the way down bringing your elbows into your lats.  The bar should hit the chest at sternum to upper abs and then drive through your heels and press.  As the bar rises it will come back toward face slightly and finish over your shoulders.

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Incline Skull Crushers


To properly stimulate the long head of the tricep  (the only muscle on the upper/back of your arm) you need to get in some overhead work.  Bring the bar above your head to get a nice stretch which will further engage the long head.  Cassie Bishop NPC Figure competitor says: “In my experience, doing skull crushers on an incline prevents you from accidentally turning the movement into a press. With your hands up higher, your triceps are forced to do the work. These do put the elbows in a somewhat vulnerable position, so it’s a smart move go with mid-range to higher reps on these.”


Rope Pressdowns


I like to utilize these with high reps.  Even though the triceps grow well with low reps, they also have a high glycolytic capacity (ability to use fuel from broken down sugars).  In turn this can lead to a greater environment for growth.  Renegade Training Founder John Davies says:  “This should be a position where tension is still on the triceps before beginning the lift. The ‘lats’ will feel somewhat flexed (‘engaged’) at this time as the weight is pulled down with handles pulled slightly outwards. Maintain tension, hence do not ‘lock-out, before flexing the triceps at the (near) bottom of movement (peak contraction).”


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Ultimate Tricep Mass Workout


Rope Pressdown
Close Grip Bench Press
6×4 // 5-0-1-0 Tempo
Incline Skullcrushers
3×8 // 4-1-1-1 Tempo
Mini Band Tricep Pressdowns


ModernMASS  Triceps


Prepared by Nik Ohanian


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