Lift Like a Girl | The Lioness

February 03, 2016


Her attractiveness is undeniable, because her power is unquestionable. She knows what her body is capable of and she revels in the wonder of it. She is not frightened by her strength. On the contrary, it comforts her.


Can’t say we immediately see her maternal side… Her beauty? A nurturer? Mothering? But then again, what could be more beautiful than being strong physically as well as mentally AND emotionally, having a positive self-image and self-confidence and to be comforted by her strength?


Now, THAT is beautiful!


It is important that we remember the beauty of both strength and function together. This doesn’t always mean being physically thinner.


Focused, healthy and thus ready for whatever task is at hand.


Times have changed and the feminine ideal is no longer soft, skinny and weak. Power and strength in a female are no longer frowned upon.


She is a presence of beauty and might.


Is this you? If not, do you want it be?
TEAM USPlabs Holly Helton pre training
Start simple! Start by training with bodyweight and body control exercises. Next, begin to apply progressive resistance. Don’t forget core training. Prioritize training for your upper back, lumbar, glutes and hamstrings over chest, quads, biceps, and triceps.


Do not shy away from training with weights for fear of “bulking up”. Quick Fact: We females do not acquire muscle mass at the same rate as males and we lose it at a significantly faster rate. We have less testosterone and other male hormones (men have about 10 times more!). We simply do not have the quantity of hormones necessary to aggressively add muscle mass like men. Can we add muscle? Of course we can! The rate and amount of “bulky” muscle gains pale in comparison to the imagined results. Secondly, the addition of muscle will increase the use of energy throughout the day, helping to regulate calories and burn fat.


I recently read a book that talked about the “prowess of a lioness”. The definition of “prowess” is exceptional ability, skill or strength. In this book, the author urges women to become mentally, emotionally and physically strong and how this kind of strength creates a ferocious force that affects change in you and your world.


My goal now is to live prowess!


It’s time to tap into your wild side and awaken strength, power and beauty!


Is there a lioness hidden within you?
TEAM USPlabs Holly Helton
Prepared by Holly Helton


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