Instant training improvement tips: USPlabs Power Cardio Workout 7

February 17, 2014


The idea that athletes and bodybuilding, at every any level, need to dedicated training time on ‘cardio machines’ is utter nonsense and often counter-productive to their goals. The modern exercise facility with its glistening machines if far removed from the iron-game past. If aspiring lifters wish to achieve their goal they need to merely look in the past and instead of ‘walking no-where’ turn up the work-rate requirements of their training session with complexes.



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Training complexes are a ‘hard-hitting’ approach that will improve general strength and certainly lower body-fat levels within a time sensitive manner. A well designed training complex is beneficial to virtually every concern of ‘iron-game’ athlete and therefore has a place in all routines.


General points of exercises to consider with a Training Complex


• Place exercises in descending order of motor skill requirement
• Place exercises with greatest amount of muscles recruited first
• The above two points ensure exercises with the greatest amount of weight are first, hence heavy to light.
• Time under tension. Do not take a break during the complex


Never compromise technical quality for a greater amount of weight
Never allow posture to be less than optimal


USPlabs Power Cardio 7


  • • Kettlebell Swing (two – handed) x 15
  • • Snatch Pull x 6
  • • Chin-Ups x 10
  • • Hack Squat x 6
  • • Cossack Squats x 30 seconds
  • • Russian Split Jumps x 6


Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 sets


USPlabs Power Cardio 7


Prepared by John Davies


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