Instant training improvement tips: Top 5 foods worth the extra money

October 30, 2014


Given my age and that I experienced and remember the early days of the ‘fitness craze’ fondly, I can assure not a single person would have given a moments attention to frozen or the like ‘health food’ simply because the packaging was moss green. Equally not a single individual would have been influenced by the recommendation the notorious ‘4 out of 5 doctors’ (is that solitary dissenting ‘lone wolf’ doctor the same person each time or do they alternate based upon the wire transfer ?) and had bold lettering on the package that proclaimed ‘healthy’.


What would have mattered to ‘health nuts’ was the label or in-fact the absence of an ingredient list for one very profound reason:


  • Healthy food does not require an ingredient list.
  • Healthy food does not require packaging.
  • Healthy food choices do not require a television advertising campaign, a social media presence or affiliate program which supports a ‘best selling’ (one of the most distorted terms in the health industry) book.


If there is one deterrent to honest ‘healthy foods’ it is cost, which can at times be highly problematic. The best options are typically available at your local farmers market or grown in a community or backyard garden but if that is out of the question the top foods that are worth the extra expenses are as follows:


      • Water. Possibly a surprise entry to the list but we are now dealing with serious issues related to water quality and this must be addressed. Rather than waste enormous sums of money on bottled money, that may in-fact result in lowered water quality, purchase a filtration system for your home. Please purchase a system that suits your personal budget but make no mistake this is crucial for your long-term health and immediate goals.
      • Organic ‘range free’ eggs. Simply irreplaceable for protein and general vitamin spectrum and quality. Purchase by multiple dozens per week.
      • Cruciferous vegetables, i.e. kale (top of the cruciferous list), broccoli, chard, etc. A nutrient ‘power food’ with a high dense nutrient ratio of vitamins and minerals.
      • Avocados As with berries below, crucial nutrient level and satisfies the adage of ‘fat to burn fat’ (but nay, you need not ‘feel the burn’ even if you hereto choose to ‘before you primp you gotta’ pump’)
      • Blueberries


Five bonus foods for daily use and it goes without saying, use organic non-GMO sources


      • Raw milk
      • Bee Pollen
      • Almonds
      • Pomegranate
      • Dark ‘raw’ chocolate
      • High quality protein supplement. Please note the emphasis upon ‘high quality’ as not all protein supplements are ‘created equal’ and the majority of the market is not worthy of consumption or purchase.



USPlabs Nutrition Top 5 foods worth the extra money


Prepared by John Davies


The information provided in ‘Instant Training Improvement Tips’, as well as this web-site blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should it be interpreted as medical advice for any condition. Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. By reading this disclaimer, you hereby agree and understand that the information provided in this column is not medical advice and relying upon it shall be done at your sole risk


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