Instant training improvement tips: Top 10 Grilling Mistakes this Summer

June 05, 2014

The summer is here and invariably the ritual of barbequing on the weekend returns and with good reason. The backyard barbeque ritual is simply ‘fun’, relaxing and of-course provides a brilliant selection of great tasting meals to the table. That said, ‘great tasting’ should not compromise health concerns and thus the enterprising ‘iron-game’ athlete should consider the following rules.


This Summer get AminoLIFT™ the Ultimate Beach Season “Lift-Me-UP” for clean energy and focus.


1. Don’t proceed to cooking before properly cleaning your cooking surface. Do make use of the following cleaning instructions


2. Don’t make the outdoor cooking season as a gateway to poor food choices and meals that are not nutritionally balanced. Protein, vegetables and healthy fats.


3. Don’t eat hot dogs. Don’t feel insulted but instead look at the ingredients of the foul floor scrap ‘foods’. However do try well made sausages that are prepared by your local butcher from high quality meat sources.


4. Don’t use commercially packaged condiments as opposed to making your own. Yes I have just ruled out some of the world’s largest companies but they really aren’t interested in your health and fitness goals are they? Do make use of the following recipes for marinades and other sauces


5. Don’t replace hydration requirements with beer. It really doesn’t work that way.


6. Don’t buy the white enriched flour hamburgers buns (because they are on sale and within steps of the grocery stores opening entrance because market analysis dictates men will make a purchasing decision quickly and leave said store). As much as I prefer limiting the majority of commercially made bread and replace with a home made version, try a whole wheat variation if otherwise.


7. Don’t replace your healthy carbohydrate sources with packaged snacks. Fruit and vegetables are tremendous ‘snacks’ whereas bags of cleverly named ‘products’ are the conduit to poor dietary habits and ultimately failing health.


8. Don’t overcook meat. Do purchase a heat thermometer and pay attention when cooking your food. Burning meat isn’t ‘cooking’.


9. Don’t use ‘processed cheese’ for your cheeseburgers. Do purchase a cheese cutting tool and use only ‘real cheese’ (not a plastic concoction).


10. Don’t purchase poor grades of meat, generally packaged in a far off land with remarkably low quality standards, that is ‘marinating’ in a sauce (to disguise that it is a poor cut of meat) of untold chemical concoctions.


Finally a ‘little’ bonus tip:


Don’t sit outside with friends staring at the miracles of your mobile. Turn everything off, bid farewell to vast wonders of social media for the weekend and embrace the summer with friends.


Life, experience it.

Top 10 Grilling Mistakes this Summer


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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