Instant training improvement tips: Tomorrow starts today

March 17, 2014


Success is a habit and the framework of ‘order, structure and discipline’ the foundation.


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Methods of preparation will vary with different disciplines, i.e. athletics career, academia, but each possess the common denominator that success never comes easy.


To achieve your goals one must establish positive habits and maintain them daily. Many of these habits may not seem a direct route or related to your goal but all are part of an equation that is the hallmark of success; order, structure and discipline.



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The iron-game and athletic development are truly based not on strength of body but strength of character. Muscular development and fitness levels will improve with time but said success begins the foundation of ‘order, structure and discipline.


To achieve your potential you must not simply ‘dream big’ but be prepared to mount the challenge each day but applying yourself with purpose. Said ‘purpose’ isn’t going to come via ‘status update’ but by the statement of intent that is demonstrated by compliance to your training, managing a proper diet, supplementation and recovery plan.


If one is not prepared to work towards your goals, they invariably will fail. That isn’t a ‘possibly’ but out-right guarantee. The dark, straight truth and for all the ‘feel good’ messages, ribbons for last place, ‘likes’ and cute heart signs this era embraces amount to very little and you have to work with much greater effort if you wish to succeed. The choice is ultimately yours as ‘some will dine and some will be dinner’.


Tomorrow starts today.


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Prepared by John Davies


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