Instant training improvement tips: The Sweat of Success

November 17, 2014


Take great pride your victories but the moment the celebration ends start charting a course for your next accomplishment.


One of the greatest lessons sport and the ‘iron game’ provides is ‘patience’ and working daily towards your goals for ‘what you do today will be a little bit easier tomorrow’. The ascension model of a dedicated athlete is a peculiar riddle that balances long term growth that is built upon daily improvement that effectively renews its commitment each day.


Effectively there is a deadline each day to accomplish your training and diet objectives but with the next days sunrise that goal must be renewed. This process is an endless loop of accountability where the success or failure of ‘today’ is forgotten each day and with the rising sun you set out to ‘prove your dedication’ with action.


This is the point of delineation of firm goals and ‘aspiration’ because as much as you may dream of success it does not come without sacrifice.


In forty years of sport I doubt there has been a memorable training session where the sweat didn’t sting my eyes. Not one.




Whether on the lifting platform, the track or performing a sport skill the road to success involves embracing daily challenges and for that matter accepting that an element of ‘controlled risk’ is part of the equation. Wise athletic development seeks to eliminate unnecessary risk but still within the athlete there is the test of ‘one more step’ and the endless internal question of whether said ‘step’ is possible. Daily training is the natural regulator but there is a point where the legs begin to feel of jelly and instead of quitting you take ‘one more step’. That ‘leap of faith’ is required daily and when summed through the years amounts to your greatest goals.


In forty years of sport I doubt there has been a memorable training session where I didn’t challenge myself to the edge of collapse. Not one.


Now it is nightfall and the cool autumn evening has been replaced with a surprising gust of winter cold. Pushing aside the warmth of the crackling fire I put on another layer and made my way out into the cold to take ‘one step forward’. Hot coffee in cold gnarled hands, shoulders bearing a loaded weight vest I began lunging. Each step forward a test; maintain posture, be composed and focus upon keeping the battered left leg on track. Each step a slightly greater challenge than the previous yet each step validation and after many hundred, complete with the burn of sweat in the eyes and the legs feeling like jelly, my work was done. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to prove to myself that I am not ready to give up this helm.


Confidence is what you acquire through disciplined training hence ‘build confidence’ and accept the taste of success is tinged with the sweet sweat of work.


USPlabs Motivation Monday November 17


Prepared by John Davies


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