Instant training improvement tips: The Real Truth of Carbs

May 01, 2014


The great ‘truth about carbohydrates’ that few in heath and fitness sector will state is that they are not the evil nemesis to diet. What the ‘dietary gurus’ do not mention is their outlandish claims and ‘shocking revelations’ are merely designed to gain attention and promote the sale of a book.


Commerce and modern conveniences are typically a destructive element in diet and not fresh garden grown vegetables.



The ‘real truth’ of diet is most are pitching ‘dietary guidance’ to sell a product but the expense isn’t merely the cost of a book but quality of life and for that matter our way of life.


The ‘real truth’ of diet is that no-one owns the rights to suggesting ‘fresh vegetables’, hence without the commercial interest the ‘experts’ are mute. Given I’m not trying to sell ONE SINGLE thing but I am trying to help EVERY READER enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable quality of life, let me stress the importance of carbohydrates, as in the form of fresh vegetables.


‘Real Food’ does not come in a box, require clever packaging or names to suggest mankind never evolved but it is grown in the soil, nurtured from seed, picked in our farms, backyard or community gardens and served on the dinner table.


‘Real Food’ plays an enormous role in developing the athletic physique, nourishes the body as well as nourishing something ‘online diet experts’ tend to forget


‘Real Food’ is simple, available to all, easy to prepare and quickly solve endless diet questions all with ‘expert’ advice.


‘Real Food’ is available from local farms or better yet, a community or backyard garden.


Dig your hands into soil this month, sow a seed and ready for a bountiful harvest. Truly, you reap what you sow.


The Great Truth of Carbs


Prepared by John Davies


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