Instant Training Improvement Tips: The Modern Warm-Up

May 13, 2014


Proper preparation leads to success.


Victory does not come by chance.


procrastination leads to failure


Within the ‘iron-game’ and athletics, part of this ‘plan of attack’ must quite obviously ensure the body is prepared for training, i.e. moving in the most efficient manner possible, and resistant to injury. This goes straight at the heart of ‘warm-up’ where most effectively ‘hard wire failure’ with say a ‘walk on the treadmill’ or the like rather than systematically preparing the body for optimal movement pattern by activating the core musculature and engaging in dynamic mobility.


The ensuing plan requires considerable effort and dedication. Most will be unwilling to perform but for the few, there is a place on the victor’s podium to which I remind all:


Proper preparation leads to success.


Victory does not come by chance.


• Tumbling | Mat Drills
• Hurdle Mobility Drills




In the first stage of RED2 care must be taken that movements are performed correctly at a finite level. In performing this section the individual should be able to maintain body position under duress, on all surfaces and virtually be able to stop at any time and hold position for extended periods.


The first lesson of RED2 contains five basic lunges:
• Forward
• Backward
• Forward with twist
• ‘Toy Soldier’
• Side Lunge


Each exercise commences with high knee lift, or better said the ‘drawing of the knee up, without shifting of the overall body, plant legged locked and movement projected in the big toe driving into the ground. It is crucial that weight is evenly distributed throughout the foot.


After a period of accommodating to the workout and learning the correct pattern, perform each movement such that the entire RED2 section is two to three, six-minute segments.


Walking Lunge to forward twist- Draw knee upwards such that thigh is parallel to ground as you lunge forward. At the bottom of the lunge, twist upper body to both sides, without allowing legs to move out of position.


Backward Lunge- Push the leg back as if you were driving your heel through a wall behind you. In the lowered position, the lead (right) leg will need will track approximately perpendicular to the lead (right) toe with the upper thigh roughly parallel to the ground, followed by twist back and forth to each side, without allowing legs to move off position.


Sideways Lunge – The initial move is pushing off the plant (right), with high leg drive in the first landing stage of this move make sure the plant foot (left) remains pointed straight-ahead.


Toy Soldier- The ‘Toy Soldier’ starts by driving off the big toe, raising a straightened leg up with slow control and grace, making sure not to swing the lead leg, while having the plant leg fully locked out. In the apex of the movement, the bottom part of the heel will be above the upper section of the knee of the plant leg.


Modern BCAA+


Prepared by John Davies


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