Instant Training Improvement Tips: The Mark of a Champion

March 24, 2014

Success is an uphill, winding journey where challenges are daily. Celebrations are a private solitude with firm understanding that tomorrow is new day and challenge is renewed.


The mark of great champions of the past was not daily celebrations, pontificating about success both big or small to the public but rather a digging boots into the soil and getting the tough job done.


This is the ‘great walk’ of true champions and it is a daily journey.


It is seen to this day by men and women who farm the fields and rise well before dawn to ensure there is food on our tables.


It is seen to this day by those who selflessly patrol the streets to ensure our cities and homes are safe.


It is seen to this day but those who serve in the military to ensure our way of life and freedom is protected.


This ‘great walk’ is seen in many places of our world, from educators who stand before a classroom with hope for the future, parents working to support a family but never too tired for a bed-time story and this is the strength the true champions as they strive towards the top of the victors’ podium.


For young athletes, it is difficult to see where the ‘strength’ to accomplish this ‘great walk’ resides as only father time and experience teaches the secret.


It is within.


The strength to overcome adversity, the strength to wage battle towards your goals is within.


To awaken this resolve, this unbeatable power within you must believe and with a bulldog determination to accept that each day you will need to prove yourself worthy the victors podium and each day you will dig in a fight to the end as if your last gasp of air depends you’re your ability to accomplish said task.


However, if you feel your daily battle is a too trying of a challenge remember that you are not alone for every champion before has left the path to follow. A path that is paved with sweat, with long hours of work and their uphill battle of overcoming adversity that screams out;


You can accomplish greatness but it starts with believing in the great power within.

The greatest oak starts as a seedling.


Be the oak, reach upward and be relentless.



Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s, Google+, Renegade Training™ on Google+ as well as or Twitter.


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