Instant training improvement tips: The Greatest Enemy

September 22, 2014


Fear is the shackles that keeps man from his dreams and, as it relates to the iron game and sporting pursuits, a ‘beast’ that is typically a figment of the imagination.


This ‘beast’ of ‘fear’ is your ego cloaking reality and fraudulently allowing itself to control you from within. Fear spreads through your body like a virus and it places a ceiling upon your dreams, gradually suffocating.


Fear wins when you allow it to win. See through fear and fear evaporates.


When you look into the eyes of the beast and see its deception it is no longer a beast.


To defeat this beast of fear you must systematically strip it down to its most common element and respect the simple process to overcome.


  • The first step of overcoming your fear is faith. That may seem highly simplified or challenging but without a sense, even if slight, of belief we will not advance. Breathe deep, look in the mirror and respect you are capable of ‘more’.


Believe in what you cannot see and have faith it what you know.


    • Expose yourself to a ‘better way’. If you wish to improve your strength and fitness but fearful of how to get started, expose yourself to the ‘iron game’, appreciate how many of us live our daily lives with training, diet and recovery.


    • Do not fear failing in-fact remove the world ‘failure’ from your vocabulary. Set-backs are temporary and will prove to be lessons along the way to greatness.


    • Breathe deep and relax.


    • Respect that part of the goal achievement is learning to address temporary set-backs, learn from your errors and return to their goals. The business and sports world is full of stories from ones who responded to set-backs and excelled.


    • Be positive and remove negativity in your life.


    • Make exercise and physical activity part of your daily life. Not merely on a few days of the week but each day. Whether you are climbing steps as part of your training or in your daily commute, be active and expose yourself to ‘fears’


    • Stand tall and be proud. Self-esteem is critical of eliminating fear.


    • The final approach is the most aggressive and only for advanced cases. Attack your fears by exposing yourself systematically in small doses to your concerns and slowly, as you reach your daily goals, your ‘fears’ are nothing to fear.


  • Start now.


Develop a plan of attack (POA) with small steps each day to address ‘fear’ as underlying self doubt. From a short early morning exercise routine, a healthy breakfast, or drinking more water during the day.


USPlabs Monday Motivation 22 September


Prepared by John Davies


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