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January 02, 2014


With the turn of the page the fitness world is ablaze with ‘resolution goals’ yet in the end it is matter of basic fundamentals.


Such fundamental approaches are not a ‘secret’ or a magical elixir of exercises but tried and true measures of a proper training, diet and supplement plan followed to perfection and with absolute commitment. This path is never an easy one but if followed step by slow step you will move closer to your goals daily. ‘


USPlabs 2 January


Sitting in the way of many goals with are daily decisions of training and diet, often made complicated by the modern media without reason. Most decisions within the ‘iron-game’ and sport development are remarkably simple with the true test being daily compliance. Ultimately this reverts to establishing positive lifestyle habits that are the cobblestones in the long path to the victor’s podium.


Starting steps on this path are many including an early morning workout each day before breakfast. Of breakfast, despite the endless choices in the grocer aisle after aisle could be eliminated for the staples of oatmeal, porridge and millet along with high quality eggs.


There is no need to change your ‘path’ to the podium as for countless generations porridge or oatmeal have been the staple ‘fuel’ for champions at breakfast. Ignore the ‘instant variation’ and keep it ‘simple’. Follow directions on the label, which are dependent upon the size of flake you choose and enjoy daily.


Reaching back into my coaching archives before there was an ‘internet’, one of the mainstays of our early morning workout routines was oatmeal, with a few dollops of natural peanut or almond butter stirred in slowly to be followed with protein. Top with cinnamon and if you wish, a tablespoon of ‘raw’ honey and you have a tremendous start to your day.


ModernPROTEIN with Oatmeal | Porridge – Peanut Butter breakfast
1 cup of porridge or oatmeal (your choice but slow cooked and not ‘instant’)
2-4 tablespoons of natural almond or peanut butter
30 grams ModernPROTEIN
a dash of cinnamon
1 tablespoon of ‘raw’ honey



modern protein



Prepared by John Davies


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