Instant training improvement tips: Smart Grilling tips for Father’s Day

June 12, 2014

There is little denying that the first glimmer of summer ushers the tradition of the barbecuing and relaxing moments with family and friends and of-course the endless secret recipes for that perfect meal.


Equally, for the iron-game community the barbeque grills spawns the topic of nurturing muscular growth with protein intake. This concern of ‘protein intake’ can never be far from an athletes’ agenda but additionally not all choices are of equal grade. Just as the case with powdered protein where not all supplements are of equal quality the iron-game athlete must be concerned with choices from the barbeque.


This Summer get AminoLIFT™ the Ultimate Beach Season “Lift-Me-UP” for clean energy and focus.


• Vary species for optimal results and make use of not only red meat but fish, poultry and pork.


• Do not limit your choices of meat to commercially raised choices but expand to include wild game such as venison. Very easy to prepare, venison is quite lean and merely needs a modest marinade of oil and is cooked at a lower temperature than typical meats. Due to low levels of fat, ensure you do not overcook or it dry out very quickly.


• Avoid store bought sauces as they are laden with questionably harmful chemicals as ingredients that will retard fitness development and over-priced. Make at home and keep it simple.


• Quality, not quantity. ‘No’, the meat you bought in the ‘big-box’ store packaged in a far off land with highly questionable farming habits and quality standards is not the same as the local butcher who you know by first name and greets you with a handshake. Think.


• Drink more water.


• Add cruciferous vegetables to every meal.


Slow down and enjoy Father’s Day grilling.


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Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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