Instant training improvement tips: Smart Back Training for Strength

June 10, 2014

In the purest vision of resistance training you can either Push, Pull, Press or Squat and it is of no consequence whether you are using the a finely turned Olympic lifting set or a heavy rocks, kegs or any other non conforming object. Simply, a ‘heavy load’ is, pardon the obvious, a ‘heavy load’ and training approaches need not go further than lifting a weight off a ground with control.


As I have said on numerous occasions the media arm of the exercise sector has went to great lengths at making ‘simple approaches’ sound complicated, to which the ‘Deadlift’ might stand at the top of the list. Certainly within competitive streams of Powerlifting technical approaches of the Deadlift should be reviewed under intense scrutiny but for the broadest of majority who step on a gym floor it is merely picking a weight off the floor in the most efficient manner possible and returning it to the starting position with complete control.


This comes with a few very large understandings, starting with the fact that the Deadlift, along with Pull-Ups | Chin-Ups, are instrumental in the development of a healthy, thick and powerful back. In-fact, no training plan is truly complete with at least one form of Deadlift’s in the regular mix but equally must be performed with perfect technique to receive the desired response and all but eliminate any chance of error.


Ultimately this comes to the honest conclusion that most resistance training measures need not be complicated and, in conjunction with healthy diet and supplementation plan, merely need to be performed correctly for the maximal response. Whether you are an eager young athlete seeking out the victor’s podium, searching for fitness in your middle age or focused upon a lean physique this summer this ‘simplistic’ approach can serve as both your starting and finishing grounds.


‘Take-Away Points’
Never compromise technical form for greater weight, nor listen to a ‘coach’ who allows poor technique.


Cue optimal movement by pushing hips back, shoulder blades pinched and ‘driving’ from the heels.


Perform Deadlift’s at start of your routine to ensure optimal movement and you are not fatigued when executing the movement.


When performing Deadlift’s in a large complex add ‘explosive’ bodyweight movements after but as with others, ensure quality is maintained.


If performing Deadlift’s in a large complex ensure that work prior allows the heart rate to lower and the body to be a relaxed manner.


Vary style of Deadlift’s to reduce adaptation to exercise as well as reduce monotony of training


Periodically make use of non-conforming objects such as kegs, logs or anything else to replace traditional barbells


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Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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