Instant training improvement tips: Redefining Average

November 24, 2014


Every challenge involves a level of risk and as much as you can prepare for different tests there will be times you suffer a ‘temporary set-back’. It is how you respond to said ‘temporary set-backs’ that will decide between ‘success and failure’ for every great champion understands the simple understanding of ‘never staying down’.


That said, during the last near fifteen years of my coaching career online I have been flattered by comments that have noted I am a ‘great natural athlete’. Let me now ‘blow the doors’ off such a statement.


That’s a lie.


I am not a ‘natural athlete’ and in-fact I would say I am just ‘average’. As far as being a ‘natural athlete’, some where along the line of ‘flat-lining’ too many times to mention, suffering excruciating physical injuries, the real reason why lowered amounts of sleep come ‘easy’ and on top of very significant brain trauma, the realm of being ‘gifted’ is replaced with a refusal to quit. I’m not a great ‘natural athlete’, I simply refuse to drop. End point.


I’m not a natural athlete but I long since dug the proverbial ‘line in the sand’ and decided I will never quit hence I never ‘achieve’ easy but rather scratch, claw and drag myself towards the podium.


I will never quit.


The ‘never surrender’ attitude is the true starting point to success. Each time you get knocked down, get up and push forward. Simple; don’t stop fighting for your goals.


As I began writing this article it was at the end of a fourteen hour coaching day. A bit numb from being in cold rain for most of the day but still there was personal training to be done. It would, I ‘suppose’ be easy to relax for the evening but that isn’t me.


No rear view mirror, no hesitation, ‘get up’ and attack.


Time to ‘go to work’ and do what I do well; work. Movement preparation, RED2, tumbling and to the surprise of no-one, Squats, Hi-Box Step-Ups and Walking lunges. Not one repetition, not one set was ‘easy’ but that’s fine for ‘this is what I do’. Work; embrace every sweat stinging moment training.


I don’t quit. Not now, not ever, not in the darkest moments where death lingered but none of ‘this’ is about me and rather what I represent and whom I represent. Team; so I don’t stop.


I don’t quit. No, not once, not ever and it will take the strength of immortal to stop me.


This is what I do.


USPlabs Motivation Monday November 24


Prepared by John Davies


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