Instant training improvement tips: Perfect Eggs

August 07, 2014


Any discussion within the ‘iron game’ and the topic of ‘eggs’ must start with due respect to the genius of Mr. Vince Gironda. In-fact I will go as far as to tell you that modern science, for all its’ notably advancements, has done well in proving theories he developed sixty years ago are accurate.


Eggs are the perfect diet choice for dedicated ‘iron game’ enthusiast and of-course individuals who wish to live healthier lives. Athletes dedicated to the podium need to consider eggs not by the ‘thimble’ but the flat with upwards of two to three dozen consumed each day. ‘Yes’, two to three dozen daily is considerable but the choice is yours; some will dine, some will be dinner and if you want the podium you must focus upon a proper diet. For the majority they will not maintain such dedication but the ‘majority’ will never look down from the top of the podium.


The best eggs are known as ‘pastured’, from hens that roam freely and eat a healthy diet as opposed to chemically laced concoctions. Naturally the cost is higher but that can be lessened when purchasing at local markets in large volumes.


With respects to questions of a high volume of eggs, ‘no’ you do not need to consume merely the ‘whites’ and in-fact said notion is antiquated, completely misguided if not out right erroneous. Why the public was convinced not to consume (high amounts) of eggs is likely steeped in business because the other side of the equation is diets are laced with processed foods that have accelerated weight gain. Sound the alarm, big business wasn’t trying to help you and in-fact merely try to sell something that wasn’t healthy.


Not all eggs are created alike and it is strongly suggested you restrict your intake to organic eggs from free range pasture farms. The unfortunate reality is that opinion varies on whether eggs from a non pastured environment are as worthwhile. It will cost considerably more but there is no cost to a healthy life.


The choice of how you prepare your eggs is a matter of debate with the big question of ‘what would Vince do’ remaining. Some will choose raw, where others prefer poached and rather than debate the minutia, ensure high quality eggs, thus GREATLY lowering risk of salmonella and vary preparation choice. I prefer poached with avocado and salmon but again, variation.


Summarily eggs are extremely healthy for you and it is imperative to start your day, essentially establishing both a nutritional trend and positive habit, with a nutritious breakfast.


USPlabs Perfect Eggs


Prepared by John Davies


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