Instant training improvement tips: Modern Solution Training

December 15, 2014


Within the exercise and athletic development sector, there is one ‘aspect’ to training that is not sufficiently discussed: want and desire.


Despite every advantage, from a perfectly balanced training and nutritional plan to a precise recovery effort, if an athlete does not thirst for success the chance of attaining a noteworthy goal is unlikely. Simply, the route to success is not paved with gold but a long challenging journey where sweat is the fuel and passion the engine.




With that said, it is time to issue the challenge and welcome the reward of sweat.


Modern Solution Training


  • Perform 6 reps each, with 35 seconds rest between each set.
  • Perform 4 to 6 total circuits


1. Squat
2. Burpees
3. Snatch Grip Deadlifts
4. Chin-Ups
5. Good Morning Squats
6. Hang Pulls (Clean Grip)
7. Barbell Drag Curl
8. Bench Dips



At some time near the fifteen minute mark, a bead of sweat forms and slowly drips into your eyes. Push forward with that first sting of sweat you leave the ‘comfort zone’ and much closer to reaching your goals.


USPlabs Monday Motivation 15 December


Prepared by John Davies


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