Instant training improvement tips: Modern Diet for Max Recovery

May 22, 2014


Dietary habits are very possibly the deciding factor between success and failure within sport and the ‘iron-game’. They influence every aspect within the athletic window of development which of-course muscular recovery sits at the top of the list.


For the broadest of majority, ‘overtraining’ simply does not exist, unless you cite fatigue due to poor dietary habits, inadequate nutritional supplementation, insufficient sleep and neglectful training habits as ‘overtraining’. That said the issue of ‘overtraining’ or better termed, ‘neglectful fatigue‘ in the presence of the following;


  • Poor training program design
  • Low levels of work threshold
  • Lack of active recovery work within training, which includes contrast showers, ice and Epsom salt baths, professionally massage therapy and saunas
  • Insufficient rest and sleep patterns
  • Lack of recovery and regeneration work in non-training
  • Dietary habits, with appropriate adjustments to the caloric needs of an athletes training
  • Lack of focus in nutritional supplement program


An athlete who is targeting the victor’s podium must manage a healthy diet to enhance muscular recovery, to which post workout nutrition is very obvious concern. Though I do not eschew to the notion of the ‘one hour window’ (post workout) as diet is a lifestyle,‘total-day’ event, it is critically important to fuel the body the needed nutrients.


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Despite the majority of the exercise media trying to make post-workout nutrition sound complex it is very direct, with the following choices part of your path to the podium:


• Hydration, as fluids naturally need to be replaced.


• Protein and of-course the concern of protein synthesis is always a maximal importance. I prefer fish such as wild salmon, mackerel or sardines as well as eggs (full eggs and not merely the ‘whites’). .


• Carbohydrates (avoid ‘refined’ of-course) such as broccoli, kale, brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal or quinoa. The choice of carbohydrates can greatly influence protein synthesis, hence why I strongly urge adding broccoli, lightly steamed, to each meal. Naturally this may vary with more energy demanding sports such as cycling that you will increase the carbohydrate component considerably.


• Fish Oil. Obviously influenced by your choice of protein but fish oil is a constant.


• Fruit, i.e. papaya, pineapple, mango, kiwi, star-fruit, banana and pomegranate.


• Almond butter (natural only)


• BCAA’s. Positively influence the effectiveness of your post-workout meal but ingesting Modern BCAA+™ before, during and immediately after each training session. This is important to understand as the ‘book-ending’ approach to BCAA’s throughout the day as well as around your workout period will play enormous dividends in your training.


A healthy diet is based upon ‘real food’ and though it may appear remarkably ‘simple’, it is tried and true path that every athlete has used on their march to the victors podium.


Modern Diet for Max Recovery


Prepared by John Davies


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