Instant training improvement tips: Marks of a Champion

October 06, 2014


Every victory includes a series of misfortunes along the way that become both teaching tools and motivational moments. Whether you stand at the top of the podium or feel a personal sense of accomplishment by achieving a goal there is a common denominator; responding from disappointment, learning from mistakes and finally pressing forward towards your objectives.


Every ‘winner’ has five basic characteristics:


  • Every successful person has at some time in their life fallen short of their goals but instead of surrendering they pushed forward. Champions get off the canvas.


  • Order, structure and discipline are the hallmark to success. Whether rising early and performing a quick workout before breakfast or training after work, order structure and discipline are the foundation of success.


  • Accountability might be the most influential influence in determining success yet rarely acknowledged. You and only you are responsibility for dietary choices and training efforts.


  • Every goal starts with the vision to understand present weaknesses and make a plan to achieve your dreams. Dream big, fear nothing be resilient and attack your goals.


  • Want and desire. Success requires the unrelenting desire to excel and overcome every obstacle. The journey to the podium is deeply challenging but worth every sweat soaked step. Simply, you have to ‘want it‘.


  • Squat (that makes ‘six for the list but you should understand)


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Prepared by John Davies


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