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July 21, 2014


The ritual begins in the hot summer sun just as it did in my youth as I found myself on the practice ground training. This is the home of an athlete, a place were dreams reside, a place were work is weighed with every bead of stinging sweat and a place where there are no accolades or adoring fans but the honesty of hard work is the great reward.


The familiar searing feel of an athletes training continues, not ‘pain’ but yet another chapter of the daily ‘reward’ of pushing physical boundaries. Team mates striving together, pushing through the sweat and muscles searing reminder; to an athlete this is not a ‘fad’ with a clever marketing phrase but rather this is who we are, this is life.


This is true physical culture; not the parades or endorsement contracts but achievement through purposeful work and years of dedicated service. This is the place where men don’t ‘talk’ but do, where the best reward is the respect of your team mates, loyalty to the sport and knowing you did your best.


This is the great home of sport and the iron game, where ‘standing out’ means saying nothing from the shadows and out working, out wanting your competition and leading others to be their best.


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Deep within the recesses of sport and the iron game, being your best didn’t come with a scoring celebration and a press kit but the honesty on applying yourself daily towards your goals and accepting your triumph with humility and further inspire others. It doesn’t receive much attention in the world today but long ago in the 1960’s and 70’s every step a coach made was to build character and see his players grow into gentleman. That’s right, gentleman.


Success, despite what is suggested, will never come easy and requires years of absolute dedication. Though our modern world tends to disregard authority, it equally has an unnerving habit of accepting mediocrity. Abandon this ‘culture of mediocrity’ and embrace that there is no success without sacrifice and order, structure and discipline are the roots of champion.


It lacks ‘sex appeal’ in this era of ‘likes and shares’ but a successful athlete accepts a highly disciplined lifestyle. In-fact at this precise moment, while you are reading this sentence your competition is readying to out-work you for the top of the podium.


With that said, get to work.


Monday Motivation July 21


Prepared by John Davies


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