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June 16, 2014

Reviewing the commentary of sport coaches following a loss provides interesting clues into their mindset and leadership qualities that are naturally passed onto their players and trickles down to the exercise culture. Though many quotes are for ‘public digestion’ in press conferences and not always their true sentiment, those unaccustomed to success are never accepting of failure.


That is worth re-reading as I have never met a successful athlete or coach who is accepting of losing.


Those accustomed to the victor’s podium despise the thought of ‘losing’.


That might not come across well in an era where ‘likes’ are a social media perverse ‘currency’ but in-truth those who are successful ‘demand’ victory and never accepting of anything less. Certainly all athletes and coaches should exude fair play and good sportsmanship but finding ‘success within a loss’ is not mindset of a champion. It is very possible to evaluate a losing performance, fine sparse threads of successful play that may be encouraging but in the end a ‘loss is a loss’ and not be tolerated.


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Accepting of ‘second place’ and the proverbial ‘ribbon for last’ is misguided. This provides a good lesson for those within the ‘iron-game’ where reaching a plateau is invariable, yet a part of road to the victors podium.


Never accept defeat nor feel daunted by challenge. Challenge is ‘opportunity’ and a step towards the victor’s podium.


Every individual who stepped onto a lifting platform has one time felt like giving up as their progress has stalled but that serves as a point of demarcation for those destined for the victor’s podium. When you feel overwhelmed, ready to give up or stalled on a plateau, understand you are in the same place as the greatest champions of sporting and iron-game history. Remember this; a plateau is the starting ground of your next triumph, it is your call to action and chance to summon the great power within.


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Prepared by John Davies


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