Instant training improvement tips: Home Fitness Workout Challenge #2

January 14, 2014


It takes years of experience to understand that successful training is not based upon gym equipment or the right music but rather a complete commitment to your goals. The ‘iron-game’ is not based upon equipment but venom, raw and unfiltered venom. Some will train in a loud setting, others as quiet as church mouse but it is the look in the eye and the grit of the teeth that is telling. The best ‘training facilities’ is a matter of personal opinion but most share the common denominator of sweat stains, chalk residue and simplicity of design.
This is a place of work and not a social club.


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The above sentence is what I expressed to a coach roughly fifteen years ago as I changed his system and team’s training attitude in what quick and cutting approach. It was not a friendly wine and cheese soiree but rather a defining point and within a year they went from last place to first, learning an important lesson.


This is a place of work and not a social club.


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Achieving your goals is via YOUR EFFORT. Motivation lay within and with the correct equation of training, diet and supplement plan it is merely ‘time’.


This equally applies to those, like I and many others do, train at home. The advantage of training at home is an air of simplicity where equipment is never wasteful and hence based upon the classics of a barbell, dumbbells, high-bars, medicine balls and a heavy bag. You can always add a few benches and possibly a kettlebell but effectively ensure all equipment satisfies a variety of needs.


Home Fitness Workout Challenge #2
USPlabs Home Fitness Workout Challenge #2 [Tweet this NOW!]


• Iron Cross x 12
• Burpees x 10
• Bulgarian Squats (bodyweight, each leg) – 30 seconds
• Russian Split Jumps x 10
• Push-Ups | Press-Ups (fisted preferably, 1:1 ratio per sec. minimal) – 30 seconds
• Burpees x 10
• Pull-Ups x 10
• Russian Split Jumps x 10
• Cossack Squats – 30 seconds

Perform one set per hour through eight to twelve hours of the day.


How to perform Cossack Squats





Prepared by John Davies


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