Instant training improvement tips: Eating out and Getting Jack3d

May 29, 2014

To critique without solution is a hollow journey and one that I do not enjoy but diet, despite being very ‘simple in theory’ has become intensely complex. From every angle, whether the soaring cost of food, questionable nutrient quality of products which includes issues environmental damages and farming habits, has complicated dietary decisions of the ‘iron-game’ enthusiast. Dietary choices may be ‘simple’ in theory but becoming more complicated by the moment.


This is where I draw the line in providing factual information and catering to the marketplace as I cannot ethically suggest that nutritious and affordable food is ready available when eating at a restaurant. For the most part, it is highly questionable and the dedicated athlete must be careful not to detonate their training with poor choices.


• First off, do not include ‘fast food / takeaway’ in your list of ‘possible choices.


• Primarily, support local family owned operations as they are more likely to embrace healthy food. Though there are a few chain establishments who attempt to include fresh ingredients on their menu, it is very rare. Chains need to be broken.


• Drink more water. With every meal, simply drink more water.


• Do not embrace gluttony with the endless parade of ‘free bread’.


• No free snack food at the bar. Besides destroying your diet, shared snack bowls, i.e. nuts, should come with a warning of how few men actually wash their hands. Consider that gem for a bit.


• Balance your meal as always with protein and fresh carbohydrates. I cannot suggest ordering a fine quality steak, given the cost is now prohibitive for virtually all restaurants, but eggs are a tremendous source. As long as the eggs are actually fresh, there is an opportunity. Eat eggs and many, hence the ‘breakfast at all times of the day’ is a fine option.


• Resist the salad, bread or soup bar ‘meal’, recalling balance to your meal. Don’t turn your meal at low-quality carbohydrate fest.


• Supplement. ‘Yes’, supplement your diet if you are going to eat a restaurant.


This may not be the endorsement of ‘acceptable’ fast food pus some would hope for but it is an absolute fact for dedicated athletes.


shredded torso


Prepared by John Davies


John Davies is available on his personal page on Facebook , Renegade Training™’s as well as or Twitter.


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