Instant Training Improvement Tips: Dine or be Dinner

April 14, 2014


When coaching an elite team there is one very underlying fact of your task which is never mentioned in the public eye. This underlying fact can be daunting if not absolutely shocking to the novice but very much part of elite sport.


Just as some spend a career within a cycle of success there are others that never experience the victor’s podium as they entrenched in the ‘culture of mediocrity’.


However that is not the ‘underlying fact’ but relates directly part of the coaching decision.


One of the tasks of a coach, as difficult as it may be, is to challenge their athletes under demanding conditions and effectively separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’.


Not to make friends, nor make you feel better when things don’t turn out how you prefer or turn that ‘frown upside down’ but to challenge you and your team-mates and see who makes the grade.


There is no place for second-place.


Quality matters and success is a habit[Tweet this NOW!]


Some will dine, some will be dinner and the shocking underlying fact that you may not be aware of is the task of elite coaches is to raise the level of performance within athletes and replace those who cannot manage the challenge.




Within elite sport if you cannot manage that challenge you are discarded quickly. There are no ‘second chances’, no warm suggestions of ‘doing better next time’ but simply discarded and forgotten before the door closes.
However for as much as that dark image suggests, it has perfect rebuttal that no coach will deny.
Want success.
Breath success and consider goal achievement like the thirst for the last breath of air.
Imagine that ‘breath of success’ as if you are chained under water and your life depends upon fighting to the surface.

Break the chains.

Unshackle yourself what is holding you down.
Your ‘greatest competition’ is within and what shackles you from attaining your goal is simply ‘belief’.
Believe in yourself and you can achieve your greatest goals but it starts with you.
That is the other ‘secret’ of elite coaches, as they know an athlete who ‘believes’ and truly ‘wants’ to succeed is unstoppable and please trust me for we all wish for athletes to excel but merely know ‘charitable advice can often be the most barbarous whilst the sternest the kindest’.
Want and desire; today is your day. Be unstoppable.


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Prepared by John Davies


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