Instant training improvement tips: Diet Secrets for Summer Aesthetics

April 17, 2014

The ironic side of discussing a proper diet is that for every effort in the modern media to suggest ‘food doesn’t have to be boring’, healthy food never was boring.


Healthy food never was boring and the ‘great error’ was roughly fifty years ago marketing coerced the public into considering the FOUL PUS of ‘convenience | fast foods’ was acceptable.


They are not and it is merely a by-product of a society so distorted with processed and chemical laced ‘food products’ that they now need to be CONVINCED to eat wholesome foods.


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Processed foods, with the rarest of exceptions, are the motorway to poor health and for that matter a lower quality of life. It isn’t a ‘debate’ but a simplistic look at the quality of life in my youth compared to the average individual of today. We as a culture ‘had it all’ and traded the lessons of the family dinner table and wholesome foods for a plastic try and a cardboard box, toy included, of FOUL PUS.


The joy of cooking healthy food is can be ‘simple’ to prepare, my ‘culinary skills’ can attest to that, but the taste of quality choices is obvious. Real food has ‘taste’ and not slathered, layered and splattered with chemicals, many carcinogenic and generally unhealthy, to coerce you to enjoy.


However it goes beyond the choice of food but the process of eating and preparing.


As you take time to prepare food and eat, the latter better referred to as ‘dining’, you slow the pace of the meal which actually assists the process of digestion, nutrient absorption and hormonal response. The age-old custom of the ‘conversation’ and even family clean-up of HAND WASHING dinner plates, the habits my generation all too often ignored teaching, was not merely a ‘quaint habit’ but in-fact had a direct relationship to health and weight concerns.


When you choose wholesome natural ingredients, apply to recipes you prefer and then serve in a relaxed, warm setting management of health and goal achievement is radically easier.


Truthfully, ‘food doesn’t have to be boring’ to attain your goals but the crucial component is your choice of ‘real food’ and enjoying the process of cooking and blessing of the dinner table. Echoing the illustrious chef Julia Child, please don’t ‘fear’ healthy natural food and embrace the pleasure of healthy choices, cooked to your preference.


Diet Secrets for Summer Aesthetics


Prepared by John Davies


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