Instant training improvement tips: Broken but not defeated

October 27, 2014


Despite goals often appearing far off in the distance, achieving your objective is often as simple as ‘small steps’ daily applied over years. In-fact the first step may be ‘small’ but is in many ways the biggest.


The year was 2008, twelve months after I decided to hide myself away and begin the enormous undertaking of completely overhauling my physical conditioning and overcoming yet another difficult injury. It was an aggressive stance but one I was accustomed to in developing sport training systems but along the way something terribly wrong occurred. An accidental contact injury in my own competitive sport activities resulted in series of broken bones and coupled with existing issues in my ankle and Achilles my lower left leg was simply and best described as ‘mangled’. The hot summer was spent with the leg in a cast with the understanding the rehabilitation would be time consuming and I would need to start from ‘the beginning’.


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The ‘beginning’ is not opening with three plates in the Squat rack and instead learning to walk properly and in-fact starting with crawling.


After the heat of the summer was replaced with the chill of October, the cast was removed and the process began just as I had twenty-five years ago when recovering from debilitating injury. Hours each day was a test of ‘managing extreme discomfort’ and learning the processes of movement but soon the crawl became a walk, slowly at first, the jog became a sprint and then acceptance the task was complete. I didn’t ‘want’ to do it, I HAD to accomplish my goals for the sake of my team, my training theories and for those who follow my work. It’s what you do as a leader; you lead the way, you dig your boots into the soil and show the direction by your action. I wasn’t ready to leave the helm then, nor now but there is only one way to lead; action and that is precisely what I did.


This too is the point of demarcation because no motivational comment will spark success if deep inside there is not a burning hunger to succeed. That ‘not so little truth’ is missed in EVERY motivational speech because as much as listeners appreciate the orators delivery and commentary, it is merely the ‘key to the lock’ for what burns within the audience. If you wish to succeed, you CAN but ultimately it is up to YOU.


To succeed you will need to take those ‘small steps’. Accept each day as a new one, ‘crawl’ at first and learn the subtle nuances towards goal achievement, find strength in the support of like minded individuals, then stand tall. Reward your daily victories and then plan to repeat your efforts the following day. Soon that crawl becomes a walk and the walk becomes a journey on the pathway to greatness.


All it takes is one step and each step is closer to your goals.


Take the step.


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Prepared by John Davies


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