Instant training improvement tips: Beyond the Burn

August 04, 2014

The hot summer day disguises that the days are gradually becoming shorter and soon the chill of autumn will be here. Autumn, not the well marketed suggestion of postcard landscapes and quaint strolls amongst fallen leaves but of biting chill and a reminder that success does not come without sacrifice.


Success truly does not come without sacrifice and despite every suggestion of ‘quick fix’ solutions, the reality is to achieve your goals you will have to scratch and claw every step of the way. This simple fact is rarely revealed amongst the endless parade of motivational quips online but for every championship won there are years of dedication service and endless trials.


Nothing worthwhile comes easy.


EpiFit Challenge


Yet there is another chapter of this tale as for every goal there is resolution with a belief, even if a flicker of hope, that you can improve your fortune.


This is clear point of delineation for a much as our past experiences can be difficult to manage, by believing in yourself and unlocking the shackles of fear you begin your first steps to goal attainment.


Take a good honest look at the direction you have journeyed, be accountable for your errors but rather than condemn yourself; believe in the power within.


Now that you have accepted your errors in the past and further have established new goals, further believe that there is power within that is unstoppable. This ‘power’, silenced in the past by ‘fear’, is now unleashed and willing to work diligently towards your goals.


Anything in life that is suggested ‘easy’ isn’t worthy, hence accept the road less ventured.


The flame is lit and burns bright through the darkest of trials; pursue excellence with a relentless spirit.


USPlabs Monday Motivation August 4


Prepared by John Davies


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