Instant training improvement tips: Awakening Strength

August 11, 2014


Awakening Strength


If you believe that ‘strength training’ is solely about developing the body you have yet to understand the true ‘strength of training’. If you do not understand that is fruitless to build the body without the mind you have yet to embrace the true ‘strength of training’.


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Success does not come without sacrifice
A novice in the iron game will look for short cuts and the proverbial ‘quick fix solution’ but for those who understand the ‘strength of training’ the challenging road is the only road to journey. For those and speaking as a coach, they are already on the road to the podium because they have captured the great lesson of overcoming adversity.


Success is reserved those willing to work when all others wilt.
A novice whimpers with the first glisten of effort where a champion knows the road to the podium requires years of dedication and daily sting of sweat in the eyes is a reward. The fatigue from a job well done and the sting of sweat is your daily reward and should be embraced as a ‘small victory’.


Yet there is no complexity regarding starting gate in the path to the podium and merely a faith of the power within as once the body and mind connect and understand their true potential nothing is insurmountable.


There are no goals too great, no tasks that cannot be accomplished and the insurmountable does not exist.


USPlabs Motivation Monday August 11 2014


Prepared by John Davies


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