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February 11, 2015


I started lifting at age fifteen.  I only weighed 143 pounds.  Today, I weigh 208 pounds.  I know how hard it is to gain weight & put on mass.  It took years!  Over those years, I have learned a lot about what type of nutrition I need in order to achieve the mass I want.


Gaining mass is supposed to be fun.  Should be pretty simple, too.  I mean, who doesn’t like to eat?  Think about it – if a car runs out of gas, it cannot drive.  The same thing goes for your body.  If you do not fuel your body with the food it needs to grow – it cannot grow.  If you’re going to eat to gain mass, you must have those meals prepped and ready to go.



Modern BCAA+


On a typical day, I’ll eat six meals.  On a great day, I’ll eat seven.  I only eat good carbs – oats, brown rice, sweet potato.  I do not eat those carbs after lunch.  I eat all the green vegetables that I can stand.  No sugar.  No bread.  I snack on almonds, if I have the urge.  I struggle from time to time, but the cleaner I eat – the sharper I’ll look.


If you’re wanting to add more mass, you can easily increase your carb intake past lunch.  Also, adding a carb-shake with your protein shake would help with your bulk.


The flip side to the eating is actually doing the work.  I work very hard.


A standard day of training for me consists of an hour of fasted cardio with Modern BCAA+™ upon waking up, afternoon weight training & another round of cardio with Modern BCAA+ (30-45 min.)  I like for my conditioning to really show, so I keep my cardio up.  On bulk, obviously I’ll take out one of the cardio sessions.


It’s not easy – but I love it.  I also love double cheeseburgers.  It has to be my favorite meal, especially with all the great places to eat in Memphis.  So, I make it a point to have at least one every single week.  If I’m feeling particularly good, I’ll have two burgers a week.  Immediately following the cheat meal, I get right back on track.  Consistency is the key.  If you fall down, get right back up.


For my pre-workout, I do not like to eat before I lift.  I either eat a chicken breast or take a simple protein shake.  Jack3d® is my go-to for pre-workout.  When I’m finished with my session, I have a protein shake.


I’ve heard all of the stories about eating candy, ice cream or donuts pre and post workout.  Despite the popularity, I haven’t tried it.  I have those foods for dessert on cheat day.


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USPlabs I Love Mass


Prepared by Dustin Carwile


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