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February 25, 2015


At USPlabs we take our food game seriously.  We believe that Tupperware doesn’t have to be filled with tasteless “rubber” and you should enjoy what you eat.  Understandably around competition time, calories and even sodium can get tight, but for the majority of us food should come in a variety.  Check out our top 5 recipes for 2015!


modern protein


1.) Quick and Filling – “Swole and Sexy Stir Fry”


Don’t have much time but need a muscle-friendly meal?  Check out our Swole and Sexy Stir Fry. This is protein and carbs for days.  This Tupperware-friendly dish is a great way to mix up the ole “Chicken and Rice”.


Get the recipe:



2.) Modern Breakfast – “Baked Omelette  Bites”


There isn’t always time for a quality breakfast and if you’re anything like me those “protein bars” leave you hungry about 20 minutes later.  So we put together a recipe that will have your mouth watering from the time you go to bed to when you wake.  I make these in bulk and keep around for those days my alarm clock falls back asleep.


Get the recipe:



3.) Lean Bulkers Delight – “Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese”


With 58g of protein per serving and only 6g of fat this is a staple in my off season.  This is cheap and filling.  Your muscles and wallet will thank you.


Get the recipe:



4.) Drive by the Drive-Thru – “The Perfect Cheeseburger”


Kids, when I’m craving a cheeseburger I don’t want a lettuce wrap.  I need the real deal.  The perfect cheeseburger is grilled just right and even has our high protein ranch sauce for an added kick.   Stepping in at just 468 calories with bun, I might just have two.


Get the recipe:



5.) Paleo Problems?  – “Grilled Italian Wraps”


I like burpees as much as I like eating low carb… Instead of tiring out of your chicken with a side of chicken try this meal to add some flavor to your diet.


Get the recipe:


Which of these would you like to make?  Tag us in your recipe pics and we may feature you in an upcoming post!


USPlabs I Love Food


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